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You might be bursting with new ideas, passion, and potential. But without support, attending university can sometimes seem impossible. Our scholarship programs have been designed to help. Each year, more than $3 million in scholarships is awarded to students. Aligned to our values of excellence, equity, sustainability and engagement, these scholarships recognise achievement and support enthusiastic and dedicated students.

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Over 1,000 individual scholarships are available with categories including:

  • Scholarships for academic achievement
  • Support for individuals facing financial hardship and educational disadvantage
  • support for Indigenous students
  • scholarships for developing community leaders and students who demonstrate innovative thinking and drive sustainable initiatives in industry
  • opportunities to travel, perform, play sport, relocate, or gain global experience.

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Ma & Morley Scholarship Program

Ma & Morley Scholarship Program

If you are applying to study in 2020 you could take advantage of 20 scholarships offered under our new Ma & Morley Scholarship Program. This revolutionary program aims to inspire, educate and cultivate the next generation of globally aware and socially conscious Australian leaders.

The Ma & Morley Scholarship Program is only possible by a generous US$20 million philanthropic commitment by the Jack Ma Foundation.

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