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Looking Ahead

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Join a series of keynote lectures and panel discussions around the great thinking and innovation that goes on at our university.

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bowl full of salad next to a blank note pad and measuring tape

Event • 27 Jan 2021 - 10 Mar 2021

The Science of Weight Loss: Dispelling Diet Myths

The Science of Weight Loss: Dispelling Diet Myths is a free online course. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to make healthy eating decisions as you learn the science behind weight loss and dispel diet and nutrition myths.

Illustration of a bee

Event • 10 Feb 2021 - 24 Mar 2021

Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration

Learn how to see and draw nature like an illustrator. Build observational and visual interpretation skills in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Nutrition Communication for Health Professionals. Image of Professor Clare Collins

Event • 17 Feb 2021 - 10 Mar 2021

Nutrition Communication for Health Professionals: Key Concepts

If you are a doctor, nurse, or allied health professional looking to improve your knowledge of the role of nutrition communication in chronic disease prevention and management, this course is for you.