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Ross Waddell smiling to camera
14 Jan 2022 • Ross Waddell

Developing video games with real-world clients

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) graduate, Ross, loved technology from a young age.

Eliza Hoyland seated at an outdoor table, smiling to camera
16 Dec 2021 • Eliza Hoyland

Preparing for the wave of environmental change

From a very young age, Bachelor of Coastal and Marine Science student, Eliza, realised the need for social and environmental awareness.

Shiyun Wang
15 Dec 2021 • Shiyun Wang

Shiyun shines with new skills and confidence

Shiyun travelled from China to study a 3-year degree in Business, majoring in International Business and Marketing, at the University of Newcastle.

Pak Chuen Lee
15 Dec 2021 • Pak Lee

Pak discovers the Newcastle study life from a UON alumnus

Pak decided to study a Bachelor of Business (marketing) at NUspace in the heart of the Newcastle CBD.

Chulan Fu
15 Dec 2021 • Chulan Fu

Chulan relishes the Newcastle study life

Chulan is completing a Bachelor of Biotechnology. She is also the president of the Australia China Youth Association (ACYA) – a university club bringing young Chinese and Australian students together to unlock career opportunities and promote cross-cultural dialogue.

Hyomin Kim
15 Dec 2021 • Hyomin Kim

Minnie eyes a future in marketing

Minnie is studying a double degree in business and commerce.She also made new friends by joining a tennis club and a university club, the Business and Commerce Association (BusCom).

Arielle Cooper seated at a table, smiling to camera
14 Dec 2021 • Arielle Cooper

Supporting the community through regional placement

Master of Professional Psychology (MPP) student, Arielle, always knew she wanted to work in a ‘helping’ profession with a focus on children and families.

Cheena smiling to camera
14 Dec 2021 • Cheena

Prepared for success in combatting cybercrime

International student, Cheena, is keen to solve society’s growing cyber security problems by completing a Master of Cyber Security at the University of Newcastle.

13 Dec 2021 • Abbey Fellows

Volunteering in Nepal cements Abbey’s passion for teaching

An experience like no other. Read Abbey's story on her volunteering experience in Nepal.

Malou Eudela
08 Dec 2021 • Malou Eudela

Studying a world-first program developed by the United Nations

By studying Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development at the University of Newcastle, Malou was accessing a world-first program, jointly developed by the United Nations, CIFAL Newcastle, and the University of Newcastle.

Catherine Yew smiling to camera
08 Dec 2021 • Catherine Yew

Helping others through family legacy

As a 2020 graduate of the Master of Professional Psychology, Catherine has had a long interest in mental health.

James Knox winning an award
06 Dec 2021 • James Knox

Finding the perfect balance

After completing his Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) in 2019 and his Master of Professional Psychology in 2020, James is taking on a PhD (Clinical Psychology), through the Vice Chancellor’s Training Scheme Scholarship.

Jessica McGregor in the field
03 Dec 2021 • Jess McGregor

From Open Foundation to bug farming

After completing Environmental Science as part of her Open Foundation course, it was a “no-brainer” for Jess to enrol in Environmental Science and Management with a major in Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

Alexandra Cottle smiling in a lab coat next to a microscope
03 Dec 2021 • Alexandra Cottle

Growing confidence through Work Integrated Learning

Alexandra fell in love with the sound of a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of Newcastle.

Sam Parker
30 Nov 2021 • Sam Parker

Engineering a future of change

Currently completing his PhD at Brown University, USA, Sam thanks the University of Newcastle for getting him there.

Emilia Flaherty
09 Nov 2021 • Emilia Flaherty

An unexpected opportunity sparks a dream career

Emilia was the first in her family to attend university. She now finds herself living a dream she didn't know existed.

Sammii Downs
22 Oct 2021 • Sammii Downs

A well-designed sea change

Country or coast, Sammii is committed to following her dream.

Heath Parkes
22 Oct 2021 • Heath Parkes

Journalism leads Heath from classroom to newsroom

Read how Heath's studies of Communication prepared him for the newsroom.

Azka Headshot
30 Sep 2021 •

Mastering dreams: Azka’s tech company success

When Azka enrolled in a Master of Applied Finance and Master of Business Administration at the University of Newcastle, her dream was to one day work at one of the Big Four banks. Now she is chasing an even bigger dream. And it’s becoming reality.

Luke Jogever
30 Sep 2021 • Luke Jogever

Luke draws up plans for a future in architectural design

Luke always had a passion for architecture, and his studies have allowed him to shape the future of homes and cities.

Courtney White
30 Sep 2021 • Courtney White

Nepal trip opens eyes for Architectural graduate

Courtney's undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Architecture has fueled her passion in improving the quality of life for others and designing spaces that respond to people and culture.

29 Sep 2021 • Michael McGroder

Real connection, real change

Michael's day to day life is anything but ordinary. Discover how the University of Newcastle takes part in this.

29 Sep 2021 • Tori Berezowski

Tori’s cancer journey inspires her PhD

It's been a challenging journey for Tori, but she hasn't let anything get in the way of achieving what she's capable of.

Jeremy Herd
22 Sep 2021 • Jeremy Herd

Postgraduate catapults Jeremy into the field of green tech

Jeremy's postgraduate studies have provided personal and career growth to equip him for his future.

Virat Gurung
17 Sep 2021 • Virat Gurung

Engineering a career set to peak

A passion discovered in Nepal, pursed at the University of Newcastle.

Navneet Kaur
17 Sep 2021 • Navneet Kaur

Studies that prepare a career in business intelligence

Through gaining coding and analytical skills in her studies, Navneet is prepared for a career in business intelligence.

Sarah English - headshot
14 Sep 2021 • Sarah English

Third time’s a charm for Sarah

Sarah English is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Headshot Shiply
10 Sep 2021 •

Shilpy gains evidence-based healthcare skills to take back home

Shilpy is passionate about improving people’s health. She decided to undertake postgraduate studies as a way to stand out from the crowd and shine as a leader in the healthcare industry.

09 Sep 2021 • Tawfik Bin Ahmad Fadzil

An essential business opportunity

Discover how Tawfik aims to apply his knowledge from practical experiences into real world situations.

Headshot - Amanda Viray
06 Sep 2021 • Amanda Viray

Amanda’s overseas study experience – traversing coding and creativity

Amanda seized the opportunity to study in Australia and pursued her passion for science and technology.

Sean Bailey
03 Sep 2021 • Sean Bailey

Sean’s Journey from Coding Enthusiast to Software Developer

With a few years of study and industry experience, Sean is focused on building fantastic user experiences and bringing value to people’s lives through “useful, imaginative, and thoughtful software.”

Headshot - Myrrhine Fabricius
03 Sep 2021 • Myrrhine Fabricius

Myrrhine is designing for change

Studying the Master of Architecture allowed Myrrhine to explore her passion for design and the built environment, further her skills and gain motivation to succeed in the field.

Maddison Gogoll
02 Sep 2021 • Maddison Gogoll

Lawyer’s Weekly Law Student of the Year Finalist

Meet Maddison, Lawyer's Weekly Law Student of the Year Finalist.

Fiona Chiu
02 Sep 2021 • Fiona Chiu

Opening up overseas working opportunities with a Bachelor of Social Science

Fiona Chiu, a University of Newcastle Alumnus from Hong Kong, graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Criminology.

Sarah Bortfeld
01 Sep 2021 • Sarah Bortfeld

Sarah explores her passion for sustainability

Studying various courses of interest, exploring new ideas and having the opportunity to deepen her passions allowed Sarah to make the most of her studies.

Luke Weinel
01 Sep 2021 • Luke Weinel

Luke cements his skills to further his career

Luke Weinel is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Master of Medical Statistics.

Olivia Gittoes
12 Aug 2021 • Olivia Gittoes

Olivia moves her way through physiotherapy study with ease

Olivia Gittoes is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Operating PET camera
12 Aug 2021 • Mitchell Burton

Mitchell grows as a person by studying at the University of Newcastle

Mitchell Burton is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Nuclear Medicine).

28 Jul 2021 • Sian Parkes

Sian overcomes doubt to engineer her future

Sian’s passion for STEM and making a real-world impact led her to complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the University of Newcastle.

Emma McCarthy-North
27 Jul 2021 • Student Emma McCarthy-North

Emma gains valuable career skills while adapting to city life

After growing up on a farm, Emma decided to make the bold move to the city so she could chase her dreams. She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Diagnostic Radiography) at the University of Newcastle.

23 Jul 2021 • Gia Bao Duong

An unforgettable experience

Bao sees a future of endless opportunities, thanks to the Master of Business Administration (Global).

23 Jul 2021 • Hannah Donnelly

Learning business becomes a passion

Discover Hannah's passion for Business Analytics, a passion she didn't even know existed.

22 Jul 2021 • Nguyen Truong Phuc Tran

A career investment with fringe benefits

Discover Nguyen's priceless financial journey at the University of Newcastle.

22 Jul 2021 • Maya Borthwick

Communication gives flexibility to Maya’s career path

Flexibility and broadness, the reason Maya chose Communication.

19 Jul 2021 • Inga Leinasars

A fascination for space travel propels Inga into Aerospace Engineering

While in her final year of high school, Inga wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next but after attending a University of Newcastle Open Day, she settled on the Bachelor of Aerospace Systems Engineering.

Nick Macrae
12 Jul 2021 • Nick Macrae

Newcastle Business student to Global Product Marketing Lead at Google

Meet Nick, University of Newcastle Business graduate, now working for Google in New York.

10 Jul 2021 • Radhika Feron

Radhika is using her degree to explore the intersection of engineering and science

Studying a double degree of Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Science gave Radhika the opportunity to gain a wide range of skills and the freedom to discover where her greatest passions lie.

08 Jul 2021 • Vibin Perumalsamy

Vibin is exploring critical global issues through postgraduate study

From the southern Indian town of Sivakasi, Vibin completed his undergraduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering at India’s Anna University before enrolling in a master’s degree at the University of Newcastle.

08 Jul 2021 • Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth’s degree is taking her out of the classroom and into the outdoors

Drawn to Newcastle for its relaxed coastal atmosphere and beautiful scenery, Elizabeth decided that the University of Newcastle was the place to make her dream of studying a Bachelor of Surveying a reality.

08 Jul 2021 • Joshua Keane

Joshua’s passion for helping others sparks career growth

Joshua will soon commence his final semester of a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) and after almost four years of full-time study remains a passionate advocate for improving the mental health of disabled and aged individuals.

A student standing in front of a shelf with text books on it
08 Jul 2021 • Raphaela Chan

Gaining practical skills and connecting with industry through a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

International student from Hong Kong Raphaela, is studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of Newcastle.

A person standing on a table holding a coffee in front of a University of Newcastle logo printed on a building
08 Jul 2021 • Wenjuan Sun

Wenjuan Gains a New Perspective on the Future of Nursing

Wenjuan felt that the Master’s degree gave a unique perspective on the future of nursing.

06 Jul 2021 • Ryan Palmer

From Mayor to Masters

Ryan says his study journey has set him up for success in any future workplace.

06 Jul 2021 • Katrina Bullock

Creating Global Change

Studying at the University of Newcastle enabled Katrina to create global change.

Stephanie Mantach
01 Jul 2021 •

A unique teaching style inspires Stephanie to look at the big picture

Stephanie always knew she wanted to go to university. After finishing high school and completing the Newstep program, she started studying a Bachelor of Development Studies until another degree piqued her interest.

Josephine Hancock
01 Jul 2021 •

Josephine finds her feet studying podiatry

Having worked as a dental assistant for 10 years prior to becoming a mother, Josephine, felt ready for a change but she wanted to hold onto the aspects that she loved about her job - helping people and hands-on work.

28 Jun 2021 • Francesca Pang

Francesca discovers the real-world impact of accounting

Francesca applies accounting theory to accounting practice.

28 Jun 2021 • Siôn Jones

Sion’s passion for quality healthcare

With a background in healthcare management, Siôn is passionate about quality healthcare. That’s what prompted his decision to pursue further study and explore a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

28 Jun 2021 • Astrid Delayre

Astrid's desire for a career in marketing

Astrid's travels experiences and the opportunity to appreciate and observe different cultures ignited her interest in marketing.

Corey Lau
24 Jun 2021 • Corey Lau

Corey takes his career a step further

Corey, a registered nurse has always been passionate about challenging the stigma around mental health. After three years of work in the acute mental health setting, Corey wanted to increase his knowledge in mental health to be able to provide quality care to patients.

Luca Sakoff
24 Jun 2021 • Luca Sakoff

Luca follows through on his early career aspirations

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics student, Luca, always had a passion for cooking and chemistry. It was the potential to combine the two, and spread awareness of the importance of human nutrition, that sparked his aspirations.

22 Jun 2021 • Ciara Price

Ciara’s study journey is turning her childhood dream into a reality

After finishing high school, to turn her dream of becoming a clinical psychologist into a reality, Ciara chose to enrol in a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Advanced) at the University of Newcastle.

Heath Francis
21 Jun 2021 • Heath Francis

From Paralympic athlete to finance enthusiast in Uganda

Whether it be his career as a Paralympic athlete, or his MBA study journey, Heath has an inspiring story to tell.

Nicholas Hayes
21 Jun 2021 • Nicholas Hayes

Turning health studies to health practices

Nicholas believes the healthcare system is becoming increasingly important.

21 Jun 2021 • Timothy Stevenson

A smart investment

A desire to get smart about his future investments led Timothy to study a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Newcastle.

Image of Rhanee
21 Jun 2021 • Rhanee Rego

Rhanee’s petition for justice sparks global interest

Rhanee prides herself on promoting fair and equal access to justice. Hear how she's putting her degree into practice.

Bianca Fakhoury
16 Jun 2021 • Bianca Fakhoury

Manifesting your passion

A passionate advocate for health, Bianca imagined a career where her community could rely on her for advice and comfort with their medical needs. Bianca decided to turn her idea into reality and began studying Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours).

Callum Sinclair
16 Jun 2021 • Callum Sinclair

The journey of finding your path is the most valuable journey of all

Callum is currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of Newcastle. It is his journey that got him here that is most valuable.

Ngoc Bao Ngan Huynh
03 Jun 2021 •

Ngan Huynh wants to solve the world’s problems

Ngan Huynh said being awarded the Golden Jubilee Scholarship has helped her move closer to achieving her life goals.

Photo of Deb de Ridder
27 May 2021 • Deb de Ridder

Deb supports cohort learning

After completing a Master of Leadership and Management in Education at the University of Newcastle, Deb has helped a group of teachers at Trinity to complete the Master of Leadership and Management in Education externally as a cohort, liaising with the university to organise support for them.

Photo of Adrian Shipp
27 May 2021 • Adrian Shipp

Adrian steps up his educational leadership

Adrian’s passion for education shines when he’s in the classroom. He enjoys expanding young people’s viewpoint beyond their local knowledge, to the wider world around them. Through a partnership between his school and the University of Newcastle, he heard about the Master of Leadership and Managemen

Joshua Gilmore
20 May 2021 • Joshua Gilmore

Joshua’s pathway to studying education

Joshua completed his pathway program and is now studying a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) (Honours).

Jason Connor
20 May 2021 • Jason Connor

Jason’s pathway to study environmental science

Having been several years since he had studied and with nobody in his family having attended university, Jason took the leap and enrolled in the Yapug program at the University of Newcastle as a way of getting into his dream degree.

Dani Simmonette
20 May 2021 • Dani Simmonette

Dani’s pathway to social work

Dani always thought that university wasn’t for her until she applied for the Open Foundation pathway program.

Amy Stephens
20 May 2021 • Amy Stephens

Amy’s pathway to study biodiversity and conservation

Young mum Amy decided to enrol in Open Foundation to get back into study.

Iglal Kodi
19 May 2021 • Iglal Kodi

Iglal’s pathway to becoming a teacher

Iglal reached her dream of becoming a teacher through persistence and hard work after arriving in Australia as a refugee from Sudan.

Peter Goldthorpe
19 May 2021 • Peter Goldthorpe

Peter’s pathway to becoming a scientist

Pathways graduate Peter is now living his dream – working as a Data Scientist at the CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle.

Keith Cole
19 May 2021 • Keith Cole

Keith’s pathway to Medicine

Keith's on a pathway to becoming a Doctor after graduating from the Yapug program.

19 May 2021 • Charlotte Kilminster

Charlotte’s pathway to Nursing

Open Foundation graduate Charlotte Kilminster is taking on a new challenge, studying a Bachelor of Nursing on the Central Coast.

Amanda Lynch Self-Portrait
29 Apr 2021 • Amanda Lynch

Amanda discovers her passion in India

Amanda realised that to break into the International Community Development industry she would need a postgraduate degree. After reviewing all 43 Australian Universities and their respective online degrees, she decided upon the Master of Social Change and Development at the University of Newcastle.

27 Apr 2021 •

Catching up with Chukwuemeka

Chukwuemeka’s passion for life, determination to succeed and drive to make a positive impact was evident as he stood behind that podium at graduation, and it hasn’t wavered since.

20 Apr 2021 •

Bringing to life new technologies

Meet Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) (Honours) alumnus Sahil. While studying, Sahil took advantage of the University’s opportunities – undertaking leadership courses, going on exchange to Germany, and becoming President of the University of Newcastle’s Exchange Student Network.

Image of Bernard
15 Apr 2021 •

Pursuing a passion

Coming from Malaysia to study a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) at the University of Newcastle has enabled Bernard to pursue his passion for understanding mechanical systems

Maribel Guzman
31 Mar 2021 •

A passion for people and Australian culture

With a passion for people and employee satisfaction and engagement, Maribel knew after studying a Bachelor of International Business that she would go on to learn more about Human Resource Management.

Phuong Quyen Vo
25 Mar 2021 • Phuong Quyen Vo

Quyen achieves her PhD dream

Coming from the Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam, Quyen, a lecturer at Can Tho University travelled to Australia to pursue her dream of completing a PhD.

Bronwyn Jones
16 Feb 2021 • Bronwyn Jones

Short courses lead to bigger things

Before studying a Master of Leadership and Management in Education, Bronwyn had the opportunity to complete a short course online which inspired her to further develop her skills and contribute to her career progression.

image of Hailey Cheung
10 Feb 2021 • Hailey Cheung

Helping and caring for others through nutrition and dietetics

International student from Hong Kong Hailey, is studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) at the University of Newcastle.

Danielle Burke
19 Jan 2021 • Dannielle Burke

Dannielle embraces opportunities

Beginning her university adventure as a Newstep student, Dannielle used the pathway program to prepare for university life and explore what she was really passionate about. This led to her enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Writing and Linguistics.

Frances Joy
19 Jan 2021 • Frances Joy

Frances juggles study, work and parenthood

Frances began her higher education study journey 24 years after finishing high school. She studied the first year of a Bachelor of Arts, before transferring to a Bachelor of Social Studies (Honours) majoring in politics and international studies at the University of Newcastle.

19 Jan 2021 • Charlotte Mullan

Charlotte captures a global mindset

Charlotte hopes to one day be a creative producer working on film sets. She is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film, Media and Cultural Studies (FMCS).

Callum Maher
14 Dec 2020 • Callum Maher

Entering the Legal Industry with Connections

In the words of practicing solicitor Callum, when you graduate from the University of Newcastle’s Juris Doctor/Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice “you won’t be just entering the legal industry, you’ll already be a part of it.”

Daniel Turner - Open Foundation
14 Dec 2020 • Daniel Turner

Advocating for society’s most vulnerable

After studying Open Foundation Daniel now hopes to speak up for society’s most vulnerable people through his Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (Honours).

08 Dec 2020 • Ludwina Eugenia

Ludwina gets a taste of the Australian study life

A passion for food and human health led Ludwina on a journey to becoming a People’s Choice winner of the University of Newcastle’s Food Expo 2020.

International student Tulio
08 Dec 2020 • Tulio Rondelli de Oliveira

City, surf and world class education – the perfect fit for Tulio

International student Tulio was eager to find a degree that would contribute to sustainable environmental practices while exploring the world. A Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours) at the University of Newcastle was the perfect fit.

Nena Janssens
04 Dec 2020 • Nena Janssens

Studying the Juris Doctor and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Practical experience, real-world projects and summer internships – just a few of Nena’s highlights from her time studying the Juris Doctor and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. Nena credits these reasons for her being industry-ready and has forged a bright career since graduating in 2017.

Taylor McGovern
03 Dec 2020 • Taylor McGovern

Preparing to become a life-ready graduate

Having the ability to change a person’s life or impact them in a positive way is a powerful skill to hold. For Taylor, a self-proclaimed ‘motivated and goal-driven person’, she was determined to find the right career path that would allow her to do just this.

Julia Master of Business Psychology
01 Dec 2020 • Julia Koller-Smith

Making a difference with her masters

After completing her undergraduate studies, Julia felt driven to gain advanced academic and theoretical understanding as well. In 2018, after several years in the community services sector, she decided to undertake the Master of Business Psychology.

Sam Montague
01 Dec 2020 • Sam Montague

Courtroom to Classroom

Sam realised that he wasn’t working in his dream job so turned to postgraduate study to pursue his next career path by enrolling in a Master of Teaching (Secondary).

Chloe Fletcher
19 Nov 2020 • Chloe Fletcher

A passion for health explored and fulfilled

Pursuing undergraduate studies was always on the cards for Chloe. Dipping her toe into university life, Chloe started out in the Bachelor of Arts before transferring to a Bachelor of Nursing. It was here that her interest was truly peaked after taking a public health course.

Myles Egan
03 Nov 2020 • Myles Egan

Doubling the career prospects by studying a double degree

Myles has always looked for ways he can create meaningful change in the world around him. Applying this lens to his studies, he followed his interest in geography, politics and international affairs to a combined Bachelor of Development Studies and Bachelor of Business degree at the University of Ne

Olivia Brown
03 Nov 2020 • Olivia Brown

Generous scholarship turns health dream into reality

With a dream to become a Radiographer, Olivia moved from a small rural town in the Queensland countryside to study Medical Radiation Science (Diagnostic Radiography) at the University of Newcastle.

29 Oct 2020 • Cheryl Salisbury

On the front foot for a new career in podiatry

Playing soccer professionally in Japan and the USA and being a member of the Matildas for almost 20 years, Cheryl Salisbury knows too well the inside of a physio room.

22 Oct 2020 • Kate Mannell

Growing Passion Through Experience

Floating down a river on a bamboo raft in Borneo, surveying the skyline on the tallest building in Tokyo, or watching a controlled ecological burn in Port Stephens weren’t experiences Kate could have imagined she’d get as part of her studies.

Andrew sitting in his classroom
19 Oct 2020 • Andrew Overdijk

Creating positive learning experiences

Andrew decided to pursue the Master of Special and Inclusive Education to enhance his knowledge and skills and to make a positive impact on his students.

Nursing student Juliette
07 Oct 2020 • Juliette Bruton

A nursing degree and more

20-year-old Juliette was home-schooled, right up until the end of year 10. When she finished school, she assumed she’d never study again. But after a year of working, travelling and completing some short courses, it became apparent to Juliette that she wanted to pursue a career in Nursing.

29 Sep 2020 • Tandin Wangmo

Tandin Wangmo

Tandin Wangmo is currently the Head of Office and the National Project Coordinator for the Regional Office of South Asia, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), working out of Bhutan

29 Sep 2020 • Kanishk Kumar

Kanishk Kumar

Kanishk Kumar (MBA, 2011; Master of Marketing, 2011) is a business development and market entry consulting professional, with a reputation for helping businesses grow.

Rebecca Dujin
29 Sep 2020 • Rebecca Dujin

The thirst for a new challenge sparks career growth

Rebecca (Bec) has been flexing her creative flair for more than a decade. With a passion for the creative arts and an undergraduate degree in communication, Bec kickstarted her career in marketing where she went on to promote some of the biggest concerts and theatre tours.

Image of International student Cheena from India
22 Sep 2020 • Cheena

Cheena’s golden moment

Image of Rhian Blackwell
16 Sep 2020 • Rhian Blackwell

Mastering Disaster Resilience in 2020

Rhian, a recent graduate from the Master of Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development, is currently employed as an Emergency Management Coordinator with ACT Health. Throughout his time studying, Rhian has seen and experienced extremes, from bushfires through to a global pandemic

Emma Wu
13 Jul 2020 • Emma Wu

Bridging international markets

Taking part in a Work Integrated Learning placement during her study at the University of Newcastle helped Emma build the skills needed in her career today.

International student Katrina
02 Jul 2020 • Katrina

From international student to international marketing intern

International student Katrina has been studying at The University of Newcastle for the past two years and undertook a placement with the University’s Marketing and Communications department.

Harsimranjeet smiling, leaning on fence at beach
30 Apr 2020 • Harsimranjeet Singh Brar

Exploring the unexpected through creative passion

Driven by his eagerness to discover the unknown, Harsimranjeet jumped from one end of the spectrum to the other at the University of Newcastle.

Stephanie smiling at the beach leaning against a fence
30 Apr 2020 • Stephanie (Yu Rong)

Building her multicultural business skills by getting involved

A desire for self-improvement led Stephanie (Yu Rong) on a journey to Australia to study an MBA and Master of Marketing at the University of Newcastle.

03 Feb 2020 • Evelyn Chatikobo

A midwife that all women deserve

Evelyn Chatikobo will graduate from the University of Newcastle this week as a Midwife.

Image of Joshua Glachlan
16 Dec 2019 • Joshua Glachlan

Graduate aims to be a role model as well as an educator

Joshua Glachlan will graduate from the University of Newcastle this week as a PE teacher.

Image of Alaa Al Ahmad
16 Dec 2019 • Alaa Al-Ahmad

Graduate plans to make the global energy crisis ‘a thing of the past’

Alaa Al-Ahmad studies a PhD in Philosophy (Physics) at the University of Newcastle.

Image of Jessica Coleman
16 Dec 2019 • Jessica Coleman

Persistence pays off for nursing graduate after life-threatening accident

Jessica Coleman studied a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Newcastle.

Image of Breanna Clayton
16 Dec 2019 • Breanna Clayton

Small town to big dreams for engineering graduate

Breanna Clayton studied a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) at the University of Newcastle.

Image of Jessica Redman
16 Dec 2019 • Jessica Redman

Hooked on a feeling

Jessica Redman studied a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Newcastle.

Yu Tan & Wei Lim
11 Dec 2019 • Speech Pathology Students

International Internship Opportunity with OST

Yu Fan Tan and Wei Juen Lim working with a client and Clinical Supervisor Associate Professor Sally Hewat.

Image of Salwa
06 Dec 2019 • Salwa

Breaking down cultural barriers

Being awarded the 2019 Study NSW CISA Conference Equity Scholarship helped Salwa settle into Australian life.

Jessica Brennan_Profile Image
15 Oct 2019 • Jessica Brennan

Further your career with a Master of Marketing

Jessica Brennan studied a Master of Marketing at the University of Newcastle.

30 Sep 2019 • Larissa Sullivan

Construction Management graduate is helping deliver Central Coast Medical School facility

Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) (Honours) graduate Larissa is delivering projects that directly benefit her local Central Coast community.

Taylor Stokes_profile
09 Sep 2019 • Taylor Stokes

Taylor took the leap to change careers through her postgraduate study

Taylor Stokes studied a Master of Teaching (Primary) at the University of Newcastle.

Sheralee Fisher_Profile
09 Sep 2019 • Sheralee Fisher

It's never too late to change careers

Sheralee Fisher studied a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the University of Newcastle.

29 Aug 2019 • Meolla Esther Yvon

Prestigious scholarship makes international study possible

Being awarded a FEBE Golden Jubilee Commemorative International Scholarship helped Esther get the most out of her studies.

Laura Dawson_profile
29 Jul 2019 • Laura Dawson

Study an MBA/Master of Marketing

Laura Dawson studied a combined MBA/Master of Marketing at the University of Newcastle.

Sora Khan_profile_v2
29 Jul 2019 • Sora Khan

Study a Bachelor of Computer Science

Sora Khan moved to Australia to study a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Newcastle.

Madalyn Clare_Profile
29 Jul 2019 • Madalyn Clare

Study a Master of Special & Inclusive Education

Madalyn Clare studied a Master of Special & Inclusive Education at the University of Newcastle.

25 Jul 2019 • Noah Mwelu

Crossing Continents to Build a Brighter Future

Noah moved from his home country of Uganda to study a PhD (Building) at the University of Newcastle.

Jenil Patel
17 Jul 2019 • Jenil Patel

Taking a global approach to critical civil structure with internationally recognised education

Studying a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) is helping Jenil achieve his career goals.

Joanna Lane_profile
10 Jul 2019 • Joanna Lane

Have you ever thought about furthering your career with a Master of Traumatology?

Joanna Lane studied a Master of Traumatology at the University of Newcastle and is now working as a Senior Trauma Physiotherapist.

03 Jul 2019 • Dr David Cunneen

A family affair at Ourimbah graduation

They say good things come in threes, which rings true for the Cunneens as their father, and University business lecturer, Dr David Cunneen, will also be involved in the ceremony as part of the academic procession.

03 Jul 2019 • Caitlin Thomson

Proof is in the pudding for food science graduate

Graduating from a Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Newcastle’s Central Coast campus, Caitlin has put her passion into practice and is currently finalising the development of new Christmas pudding products with a local small business.

Sherry Xie
17 Jun 2019 • Sherry Xie

Two postgraduate degrees and a life changing international experience

Sherry Xie moved to Australia to study a combined MBA/Master of Human Resource Management at the University of Newcastle.

Ian Dunlop
17 Jun 2019 • Ian Dunlop

A rewarding career inspiring young minds

Ian Dunlop studied a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Newcastle.

Ginny Stein_profile pic
07 Jun 2019 • Ginny Stein

Ginny used postgrad study to start the next chapter of her career

Ginny Stein studied a Master of Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development at the University of Newcastle.

Denis Xavier_profile
03 Jun 2019 • Denis Xavier

Denis dreams of building a business after international study

Denis moved to Newcastle from India to pursue postgraduate study.

Tarek Al Helou_profile
03 Jun 2019 • Tarek Al Helou

Studying to build a better, more sustainable world

Tarek moved from his home country of Kuwait to study a Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) at the University of Newcastle.

Divya Rashmi_profile
03 Jun 2019 • Divya Rashmi

Study a Master of Architecture in the coastal town of Newcastle

Divya Rashmi moved from India to Newcastle to study a Master of Architecture at the University of Newcastle.

Zoe Pardey_1500x1500
24 May 2019 • Zoe Pardey

On the pathway to success with a passion to teach

Zoe Pardey is in her final year of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary).

Duanduan Zhang_profile
24 May 2019 • Duanduan Zhang

Study by the sea, Newcastle provided Duanduan the ideal location to learn and live

Duanduan moved to Newcastle to study her undergraduate degree and loved it so much she continued on to complete her postgraduate degree here as well.

Poppy Coleman_profile
20 May 2019 • Poppy Coleman

Creating a career of passion through postgraduate study

Poppy studied a Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability at the University of Newcastle.

Mikaela Koelma_profile
17 May 2019 • Mikaela Koelma

From student to business owner, postgraduate study opens doors

Mikaela Koelma completed a Master of Creative Industries at the University of Newcastle.

Mark McConville
16 May 2019 • Mark McConville

A guiding principal in leadership and management in education

Mark felt that completing postgraduate study could help him further develop his skills to be a better educator and principal.

Scott McShane
13 May 2019 • Scott McShane

Expanding career opportunities with the MBA

Scott wanted a challenge and found the MBA a meaningful way for more personal development.

Noel Khan
06 May 2019 • Noel Khan

The Future of Technology

Growing up in Kuwait, Noel was attracted to the laid-back lifestyle of Newcastle where he decided to study his Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Honours).

Emma Quinlivan
30 Apr 2019 • Emma Quinlivan

Fast tracking study with intensive courses

Emma completed two intensive face-to-face courses for the law side of her degree – Mediation Skills and Theory and Corporate Power and Corporate Accountability.

Avni Kumar
30 Apr 2019 • Avni Kumar

Combining politics and health to support those in need

Avni Arisha Kumar wanted to combine her strong interest in politics, health and not-for-profit work – with that, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours).

11 Apr 2019 • Susan Grace-MacDonald

Inspired upbringing ignites passion for the natural world

Susan's exposure to the natural world at a young age was a catalyst for her passion for science and living things.

Tim and Michael Shevchenko
11 Apr 2019 • Tim Shevchenko

Turning education into a family tradition

A last-minute decision to attend a construction management presentation at Open Day was a life changing moment that shaped the career path of graduate, Tim Shevchenko.

11 Apr 2019 • Tara Andrews

Jets player kicks University goals

It was a curiosity to understand how things work which sparked the Jets mid-fielder, Tara Andrews, to study civil engineering.

11 Apr 2019 • Lucas Booth

Commitment to creating change drives doctor dream

Education was the lifeline Lucas Booth turned to as a way to transform his life, as well as help others.

Adriana Ontiveros
10 Apr 2019 • Adriana Ontiveros Hernandez

Life-changing postgraduate studies in finance

Adriana believes the Master of Applied Finance is built to give you the chance to explore different financial arenas from pure accounting to derivatives.

Katelyn Stansfield_profile pic
29 Mar 2019 • Katelyn Stansfield

Turning a passion for sport and healthy living into a career

Katelyn Stansfield is studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at the University of Newcastle.

Damilola Awosemo_profile pic
28 Mar 2019 • Damilola Awosemo

International Study Experience in coastal Newcastle

Damilola Awosemo moved to Newcastle from Nigeria to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Newcastle.

Jenae Keirnan
28 Mar 2019 • Jenae Keirnan

A platform to begin a new career

True to her word of taking on opportunities when they arise, Jenae made the decision to study both the MBA and MIB at the same time.

Vibhasini Kaul_profile
28 Mar 2019 • Vibhasini Kaul

Turning goals into reality through undergrad study

Vibhasini Kaul moved from India to Newcastle to study a Bachelor of Business of the University of Newcastle.

21 Mar 2019 • Soo Yong Seng

Golden Opportunity Provides Dream International Study Experience

Being awarded the FEBE Golden Jubilee Commemorative International Scholarship allowed Malaysian international student Soo Yong Seng to pursue his dream of becoming a civil engineer.

Jeshurun Nesaraj
19 Mar 2019 • Jeshurun Nesaraj

Venturing into the world of business with the MBA (Global)

Finding his perfect partner in the University of Newcastle, Jeshurun made the move to Australia to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Global).

Susie Porter Profile
11 Mar 2019 • Susie Porter

Meet Australian Actor, Susie Porter

Australian actor Susie Porter recently spoke about her time studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Newcastle.

William Li_Profile Picture
11 Mar 2019 • William Li

Life changing experience in Newcastle

William Li is a Chinese international student studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Newcastle.

06 Mar 2019 • Julia Barton

A balancing act

As an elite water polo player, Hunter Academy of Sport representative and University of Newcastle student, Julia Barton wears a lot of hats. And she knows better than most what it takes to balance sport, study, life and personal wellbeing.

Amy Daley_profile pic
04 Mar 2019 • Amy Daley

Postgrad study creates new perspectives

Amy is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Master of Dispute Resolution.

28 Feb 2019 • Libby Duncan-Poidevin

Experiencing healthcare through spirituality and cultural immersion

An international placement in India gave Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) student Libby Duncan-Poidevin a better understanding of implementing healthcare programs in varied communities.

27 Feb 2019 • Rhiannon Jaeger-Michael

Overseas exchange opportunity uncovers new potential career paths

Undertaking an international exchange in Leeds opened up a world of career possibilities for Bachelor of Psychology student Rhiannon Jaeger-Michael.

27 Feb 2019 • Matthew Gow

Applying engineering in a global context

Travelling around Canada during his semester exchange was an adventure that Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) student Matthew Gow will never forget.

Hannah Zhang
19 Feb 2019 • Hannah Zhang

Mixing theory and practical experience to understand accounting in the real world

With aspirations of a career as a professional auditor, studying a Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced) at the University of Newcastle’s Sydney campus ticked all the boxes for Hannah.

Azka Arshad
19 Feb 2019 • Azka Arshad

A global numbers game in applied finance

With a clear vision for where she hoped her career would lead, Azka’s postgraduate study supported her in developing the expertise needed to achieve her career goals.

Adam Bryant
18 Feb 2019 • Adam Bryant

Flexible online study - the key to postgraduate study success in human resources and law

Adam found the perfect fit with the University of Newcastle’s Master of Human Resources and Law, which can be completed 100 per cent online.

Meena Viswanathan profiel
08 Feb 2019 • Meena Viswanathan

Turning a passion into a career

Meena Viswanathan is now working as an Inclusion Professional since completing her Masters of Special and Inclusive Education in 2018.

Chukwuemeka Ordu
08 Feb 2019 • Chukwuemeka Ordu

Inspiring positive change

Chukwuemeka Ordu graduated from the Master of Social Change and Development at the University of Newcastle in 2018.

Skye Dixon Profile
24 Jan 2019 • Skye Dixon

Study abroad and find a world of opportunity

At the University of Newcastle Skye has had the opportunity to combine her undergrad study with international study opportunities.

Shaun Murray
21 Jan 2019 • Shaun Murray

Undergrad study opens doors worldwide

At the University of Newcastle Shaun has had the opportunity to combine his undergrad study with international study opportunities.

David Behne-Smith
13 Dec 2018 • David Behne-Smith

Using technology to benefit the legal system

David Behne-Smith (left) is a current student at the University of Newcastle, studying the Legal Innovation and Design course (LAWS6116) as part of the Master of Laws.

B. Electrical Engineering - Thomas Shilling 1500x1500 thumbnail
11 Dec 2018 • Thomas Shilling

Creating solutions with a real-world purpose

With a goal of working on a tangible project, Thomas put his theoretical knowledge into practice.

Kathleen McKinley
05 Dec 2018 • Kathleen McKinley

New career directions with postgraduate study

Kathleen plans to use her postgraduate degree to expand her career in the future.

M. Medical Statistics - Alix Hall 1500x1500px thumbnail
05 Dec 2018 • Alix Hall

Formulating career success

Ready to refine her expertise, Alix enrolled in a Master of Medical Statistics to help reach her goal of becoming a health-related research statistician.

M. Architecture - Jake Kellow 1500x1500px thumbnail
05 Dec 2018 • Jake Kellow

Challenging the relationship between people and animals

Jake’s major project ‘The Stock Market’ interrogates western processes of production and consumption to help demystify the role animals play within our food systems.

M. Public Health Michell Chan 1500x1500px
05 Dec 2018 • Michelle Chan

Branching out with postgrad study

Michelle decided to branch out from her career as an Osteopath and enrolled in a Master of Public Health at the University of Newcastle.

Derrick Chu thumbnail
04 Dec 2018 • Derrick Chu

Creating a catalyst for change

Through his final year project ‘Archiculture’, Master of Architecture student Derrick is exploring urban renewal – with a focus on the rejuvenation of Newcastle city through architectural education.

Zoe Lewis
03 Dec 2018 • Zoe Lewis

Collaborating to create meaningful change

Through the Bachelor of Development studies, Zoe Lewis is learning how to ethically work towards social, global and cultural equality, and environmental sustainability.

Belinda Charlton
03 Dec 2018 • Belinda Charlton

Making an impact through postgrad studies

Belinda Charlton is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Master of Environmental Law.

Liam Clarke
30 Nov 2018 • Liam Clarke

Discovering new passions

Liam Clarke is able to tap into his creative side through a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Hugh Gordon
23 Nov 2018 • Hugh Gordon

Pave your own pathway with postgrad studies

Hugh Gordon is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Master of Studies.

Alex Parkes thumbnail
21 Nov 2018 • Alex Parkes

Translating the benefits of international exchange

Currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Arts, studying a double major in French Studies and Linguistics, Alex is fluent in almost three languages and has been invited to take part in the Campus France Australia Student Ambassadors Program.

19 Nov 2018 • Liam Wanless

Exploring New Possibilities

Liam Wanless is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Master of Business Psychology.

08 Nov 2018 • Janita Green

Making the world better through engineering

Janita Green is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) and is already helping people through her work.

Luke Lindsay
07 Nov 2018 • Luke Lindsay

Keeping up with contemporary clinical practice

Luke is a Nurse Manager returning to study after 15 years out of university to ensure his clinical practice is contemporary and evidenced-based.

Andrew Kelesi
31 Oct 2018 • Andrew Kelesi

Take your knowledge of law to the next level

Andrew Kelesi is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Master of Laws.

Kate Dash
31 Oct 2018 • Kate Dash

Take your career to new heights with a MBA

Kate Dash is a current student at the University of Newcastle studying a Master of Business Administration.

Kirrily Furey
19 Oct 2018 • Kirrily Furey

Creating opportunity for career advancement

Studying her Master of Education gave Kirrily the chance to inspire students through her unique style of teaching.

Hannah Stenstrom
19 Oct 2018 • Hannah Stenstrom

Using law to help those most in need

Studying a postgraduate law degree while working in the not-for-profit sector, has given Hannah a unique insight into how the law works from many angles.

19 Oct 2018 • Nicholas Woodley

New Pairs Logic with Imagination

Nicholas has always been fascinated by the way things work, he's excited to tackle complex problems and propel his career opportunities through studying a Master of Engineering.

18 Oct 2018 • Kim Holder

A Tasty Career Ahead

An unexpected degree choice, has opened up new doors with an exciting career for this Food Science and Human Nutrition Graduate.

17 Oct 2018 • Jodie Cochrane

Becoming a better engineer by exploring new skills

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Mathematics student Jodie Cochrane has her sights set on pursuing further study to progress her engineering career.

17 Oct 2018 • Samuel Parker

Making a dream a reality

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours) at UON has played a significant part in shaping Samuel Parker’s career path.

Reid McManus
28 Sep 2018 • Reid McManus

Drawing on diverse skills

UON animation student is making a mark on the world stage.

Katie Hodson
22 Jun 2018 • Katie Hodson

Leading by example

Music teacher Katie Hodson is developing leadership skills through postgraduate study.

Ben O'Neill
12 Jun 2018 • Ben O'Neill

Kicking goals in communication

UON Communication graduate is bound for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the Socceroos.

Felicity Hammond
05 Jun 2018 • Felicity Hammond

Developing new ways to help

Studying the Master of Social Change and Development at UON has opened up new opportunities for Felicity Hammond.

Nicole Velaires
26 Apr 2018 • Nicole Velaires

Establishing strong networks

Studying at UON gave Nicole Velaires the opportunity to extend her professional network.

07 Dec 2017 • Kate Anderson

Accelerating career opportunities

First year Master of Leadership and Management in Education student Kate Anderson is already applying learning back to her school environment.

18 Oct 2017 • Renee Schultz

Breaking boundaries in Education

Master of Leadership and Management in Education graduate Renee Schultz talks about her slighly offbeat road to teaching.

17 Oct 2017 • Emma Wasson

Environmental Change-Maker

Master of Environmental and Business Management graduate Emma Wasson has combined her professional career with interests in social justice and nature.

16 Oct 2017 • Jean-Marc Yameogo

Transforming Learning in Burkina Faso

Master of Human Resource Management graduate Jean-Marc Yameogo is giving back to the next generation of students in Burkina Faso.

Angelique Carr
09 Oct 2017 • Angelique Carr

Moving culture forward

Bachelor of Arts student Angelique Carr is helping to digitise fascinating human stories from the past.

Faith Curtis
27 Sep 2017 • Faith Curtis

Developing more inclusive communities

Faith Curtis enjoyed her Development Studies degree so much she went on to complete a PhD.

Image of Sam Ellis
25 Sep 2017 • Sam Ellis

Setting sail for success

Sam Ellis was able to make a career out of sailing after studying a Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science at UON.

Connie-Lee Dixon after her first solo flight
25 Sep 2017 • Connie-Lee Dixon

Engineering graduate takes her passion to the sky

Engineering graduate, Connie-Lee Dixon, is using her background in mechanical engineering to pursue her passion of being a military pilot.

22 Sep 2017 • Kurt Lancaster

The world of psychology beyond clinicians and couches

Kurt Lancaster's keen interest in human behavior has led him beyond the realms of traditional psychology

Brittany Wile
15 Sep 2017 • Brittany Wile

Creating real change in our society

University of Newcastle student Brittany Wile is relishing her combined degree in business and law.

Image of Ashraf
13 Sep 2017 • Ashraf Abdelbaky

Ashraf Abdelbaky

University of Newcastle student Ashraf Abdelbaky is a finalist in the highly competitive NSW Government’s International Student Award.

11 Sep 2017 • Alexander Austin

New experiences in Copenhagen

Combined Business/Innovation & Entrepreneurship student, Alexander Austin, recently returned from a summer studying at Denmark's premier business school.

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