The University of Newcastle, Australia

Maths and stat skills


Essential Numeracy (UON Prep course)

This online course aims to remind students of the fundamental rules of arithmetic which underpin all higher levels of mathematics.
Topics: order of operations, whole number arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percentages.

Maths Skills for Nursing

Maths skills underpinning nursing calculations.
Topics include: multiplication, long division, decimals, fractions and using formulas.

Maths Tuneup

Packed full of explanations, examples and practice questions of some of the fundamental maths concepts. Introductions to algebra, problem solving and calculus.

Algebraic Concepts for Accounting and Finance

This Blackboard learning module covers algebraic skills that are often assumed knowledge in accounting and finance courses.
Topics include: solving and rearranging equations, logarithms.

How to learn maths

Getting Ahead in Mathematics

The Getting Ahead in Mathematics (GAIM) series of websites provides instructional videos and information on a range of topic areas:


Stats Tuneup

Provides an overview of key statistical concepts and methods. Includes videos, practice questions and worked solutions.

Statistical Support Service

Advice on statistical methods to help university students and staff engaged in research.

How to Study Stats (tba 2019)