The University of Newcastle, Australia

Workshops, consultations and advisors

Academic Learning Support


Academic Learning Support offer workshops covering Study Skills, Maths and Statistics, Academic Writing Skills and English Language.  Additional workshop specifically for Foundation students, Research and Masters students, some course specific workshops and drop-in sessions are also available.

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Please view Career Hub for a full list of workshops available at your campus.

A number of workshop series schedules are also available for download.

Individual Consultations

Book your individual appointment with a Learning Adviser for study queries and help with assignments. Consultations are available as face to face appointments, by phone or via Skype.  Appointment topics include:

  • Academic writing and study skills
  • eConsult
  • Maths and stats
  • English language support
  • Open Foundation, Newstep, YAPUG
  • Research Writing (Phd, MPhil, Hons)

Book a consultation with a Learning Adviser

Additional online services and resources, such as eConsult and downloadable learning resources are also available.

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Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) provide a platform for you to compare notes, discuss difficult concepts and review weekly material with other students.

Library Classes and Workshops

The library also offers classes and workshops.

Peer Writing Mentors

Peer Writing Mentors are students who provide advice on developing your writing skills.  Writing mentors can found in SRG07 and the Huxley Library, Monday to Friday, 11am to 2pm from Week 3 to 13 each semester.

UON PREP - Bridging and Refresher courses

The UON Prep Bridging courses are designed to support you in your future and current studies regardless of your previous level of education. On-campus courses are open to all current students at the University of Newcastle.


You can contact your Program Convenor for advice on academic matters, including career advice and course recommendations to suit your interests and study plans.

Program Advisors

Your Program Advisor is a professional staff member who has specialist knowledge of your program. They can provide you with program-specific advice and support through your degree by:

  • Working closely with your Program Convenor, the academic staff member with overall responsibility for the management and quality of your program
  • Assisting you to ensure you are meeting the requirements and structures of your program
  • Providing advice on course enrolment and program progression
  • Qualifying you in your program at the successful conclusion of your studies.

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Course Coordinators

Your Course Coordinator is responsible for organising one or more individual courses (subjects).

You will have a different Course Coordinator for each course you are enrolled in, and areas they are responsible for include course content, adverse circumstances, and grades.

Research Workshops

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