Types of user account

To meet a wide range of user needs, UoN provides different types of user accounts for its students, staff, affiliates, guests and visiting conference delegates.

In all cases, users must accept and abide by the UoN Terms and Conditions.

An affiliate access account can be created if you need access to UoN online systems or computers and are not employed directly by UoN.

There are two categories of affiliated user.

Your category will determine how you apply for accounts at the University, what accounts are available to you, and the expiry of your access.

Category 1

This type of affiliate access is for affiliates who are being paid by the University:

  • Newcastle Australia IHE
  • agency staff (including contractors)
  • externally seconded staff
  • occupational trainees
  • DBA supervisors

To apply please complete the Ascender details form (PDF, 63.7KB).

Category 2

This affiliate access is for affiliates who are not paid by the University:

  • Visiting Academics
  • TAFE Staff (Ourimbah Campus only)
  • Tenants
  • Volunteers
  • Vendor

If you are a short-term guest who requires temporary access to desktop computers and the internet in the UON domain, please get in touch with your University contact and ask them to make a request for access on your behalf here.

If your visit at UON is for more than 2 weeks, or requires printing, email or other services, please apply for Sponsored Visitor Access.

Sponsored Visitors include Visiting Academics, Newcastle Innovation, TAFE (Ourimbah campus only), Tenants and Volunteers.

A Sponsored Visitor(Affiliate) account will only be created / renewed you are not employed directly by UON. If you require a Sponsored Visitor (Affiliate) account please get in touch with your University contact and ask them to make a request for access on your behalf here.

A UON unique Affiliate number (UON staff number) will be sent to your nominated email account. You will then be able to activate your account, go to New Staff Computing Accounts and follow the process.

Group registrations

Group registrations for Academy of Clinical Educators (ACE) Certificate in Clinical Teaching and Supervision, the VTCCT Certificate in Clinical Teaching and Supervision: General Practice and Directors Online, please complete the Category 2 form and attach a separate list of users requiring access. Include the following details: First name, Last name, Date of birth and Uni-ID.

Sponsored visitors to UoN, for example visiting academics, may be provided with a guest account.

The following conditions apply:

  • The account is valid for a maximum of two weeks
  • Access is for the Internet only
  • A current member of staff applies for the account, acts as a sponsor, and is responsible for any use of the UoN account by the visitor
  • If the guest requires a computer or device during their visit, the School or Faculty is responsible for equipment provision
  • The sponsor must ensure the visitor is aware of the University Computing and Communications Facilities Conditions of Use.

How to apply

Requests for visitor guest access can be made by phoning the IT Service Desk on extension 17000. In most cases, the account will be set up during the phone call.

As the sponsor, you will be emailed the Uni-ID and temporary password for the visitor.

For visitors of longer than 2 weeks, a Category 2 user affiliates request is required.

eduroam access is available for visitors from participating universities or organisations.

We can arrange conference wireless access for delegates attending conferences hosted by UoN.

How to apply

Requests for conference accounts can be made by contacting the IT Service Desk.
Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks' notice to process this request.
If you wish to print this information in your conference packs, please factor this into your timeline.

The organiser, will be emailed the login details to pass on to the delegates.

The following information will be required:

  • Your contact details (or details of the organiser / convener)
  • Conference name
  • Conference start and end dates
  • Location - campus, buildings/s
  • Number of delegates

eduroam access is available for visitors from participating universities or organisations.

Welcome to the University of Newcastle. 

While you are visiting UON, you can use our wireless network by connecting as UoN_GUEST in your device Wi-Fi settings.

This service is limited to general interest web browsing such as social media, email and information services. You may not be able to access all web sites.

Connection time is 1 hour.

Use of this service is conditional on accepting our Terms and Conditions, and providing your name and email details.

Use this table as a guide for services available for each account type.

Account Type Affiliate Sponsored Visitor Conference AttendeesVisitor to UON
Internet YesYesYesYes 
UoN corporate applications YesNoNo No 
UoN email & collaboration tools Optional No No No 
Printing Yes No No No 
eduroam (participating universities) Yes YesYes No 
Advance notice to create   1 week Phone request to 170002 weeksImmediate
Lifespan of account 12 months - 
then renewal required
2 weeks maximumDuration of conference1 hour

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