Work health and safety

We are a healthy university. The health and safety of everyone on our campuses and facilities is a major priority. We do all we can to make sure our University is somewhere staff, students and visitors feel safe and protected at all times.

Information for Students:

It is important to report all injuries, illnesses, hazards and near misses to a member of the University staff as soon as reasonably possible. If you notice a hazard or are involved in an incident, please inform a member of University staff so they can log a Health and Safety Incident Report on your behalf. Alternatively, contact the Health and Safety Team directly at or call 4033 9999 and select number 5.


From time to time the University may issue a safety alert as a reminder or as advised by relevant authorities. These are important and any advice should enacted immediately.

July 2019 - Pedestrians and traffic (PDF, 183KB)

November 2018 - Smoking on Campus (PDF, 650KB)

October 2018 - Snakes and spiders on campus (PDF, 175KB)

July 2018 - Reporting an incident (PDF, 110KB)