The University of Newcastle, Australia

First aid

We have over 100 qualified first aid officers across our campuses, as well as at other University staffed sites.

First aid officers:

  • provide first aid assistance to staff, students and visitors
  • ensure first aid kits are stocked
  • report incidents and list first aid provided in the online incident report
  • provide assistance in the event of an evacuation
Find a first aid officer

Become a first aid officer

First aid officers are vital to all of our workplaces and facilities. Being a first aid officer is a rewarding role and provides a first aid officer allowance on top of your normal salary.

It is up to an organisational unit to identify when a first aid officer is needed. When this happens, nominations are called and anyone within that unit can put their name forward. Nominations are considered by the Head of School/Director and a name is submitted to the Health and Safety Team. You will be contacted by Health and Safety to tell you if your nomination has been successful.

It is the responsibility of the new first aid officer to contact Leah Pringle either by email or phone on 4921 8847.