Information management

At the University we deal with all sorts of information as part of our teaching, research, administration and business activities. It is everyone's responsibility to protect the University's information.

Protecting sensitive information form unauthorised access, corruption and accidental loss is critical to maintaining the University's reputation.

We provide central storage for University-related data, documents and files:

Storage nameLocationAutomatic backup
C: driveYour desktop or laptopNo
OneDrive for BusinessOffice 365 cloud storage Yes
O: driveUON Organisational shared network storage areaYes
S: driveShared network storage area
(to be incorporated into O: drive)
ownCloudUON cloud storageYes
Research data storageTo apply for Research data storage, click hereYes
USB thumb or hard drivePortable media device (user supplied)No

O drive

A shared network area (previously the S drive), may have been arranged by your Faculty, School or Division to allow exchange of work data files (such as documents) between staff members. This data is stored within a shared folder on a designated server.

Examples of this include:

Locating your O drive

Your O drive should be visible from your 'My Computer' command. If you have access to more than one shared folder, other drives (for example T or P) may be mapped as well.

I need access to an existing Shared Drive Folder

Access to shared drives is not automatic. If you need access to departmental shared files and folders on a networked O drive please complete a share drive access request.

Researchers can apply for access to ownCloud which is a service provided by UON for researchers to store and work collaboratively on research data and documents.

Appropriate use of storage systems

By connecting to our network you are accepting the University's policies and guidelines on the use of the internet and computing facilities. University computing and communications facilities must generally be used for business, academic or student-related activities only. Corporate storage facilities should not be used for private use, for example personal music or video files etc.

Your files will normally be saved on your local hard drive (C drive) by default. This location is not automatically backed up.

To prevent loss of information, you will need to make backup copies of all University-related data, files and documents by:

  • saving files to a network drive, OneDrive, SharePoint or TRIM
  • copying to USB thumb or hard drive**
  • burning a copy to CD or DVD**

** Do not uses these backup options for sensitive or confidential information.

It is important to backup your work regularly and keep duplicate copies in different locations.

For information about your obligations under the State Records Act 1998 (NSW) see records management.