About TRIM

(HPE Records Manager)


Records Management : Preserving the past, preparing the future, protecting the present. (George D. Darnell)

What is TRIM?

TRIM is the University’s Electronic Document and Record Management System that provides the framework to capture, manage and share critical business information.

TRIM includes a classification scheme and retention & disposal authorities to assist with managing the lifecycle of University information.  It integrates with MS Office products, including Outlook, and there is an integration link to the HR system (Alesco), NUSTAR and SQUIZ/Web.

TRIM provides:

  • Records management
  • Document management
  • Email management
  • Workflow/Action tracking
  • Image management
  • Web publishing

How to get access to TRIM

Business areas wishing to request TRIM access may use the Application for TRIM Access form (Pdf), but should be aware that TRIM is currently rolled out to new business areas on a case by case basis. A business case is required to substantiate the need for a roll-out to an additional area and a formalised project will be set up to support planning and implementation. Please note that the Records Management Office has limited resources to implement and support large installations, so consultants may need to be engaged to assist with business analysis, configuration and training requirements.

If you belong to a business that is currently using TRIM and you require access, please complete the TRIM Application Form  and send the completed for to records@newcastle.edu.au

TRIM Desktop

TRIM for Desktops - This version requires the installation of software onto individual desktop/laptop PC's, and perform on either Windows 7 or 10, with Office 2013 or 2016.

TRIM Web Client

The TRIM Web Client provides you with access to TRIM from offsite locations using your personal PC or Mac computer.

This can be accessed through https://records.newcastle.edu.au

Please note that you will require the VPN client to access the Web client when your machine is not on the University network and that the TRIM Web Client has a completely different look and feel to TRIM desktop and some reduced functionality.

TRIM user terms & conditions