Records and Information Governance

Records Governance Services (RGS) is part of Council and Records Management (CaRM) and has been assigned by NSW State Archives and Records with the strategic and managerial responsibility for records and information management at the University.

Through establishing and implementing best practise records management programmes, Policies and Guidelines,  we can streamline process whilst fulfilling our legislative obligations for managing records relating to teaching and learning, research, community engagement, administration, and governance.

RGS offers expertise and services to enable staff to create, locate, use, preserve and dispose records and information.

Records of the University are records of the State and as such we are bound by the State Records ACT 1998

As a staff member, this means that you must:

  • Create full and accurate records of your work
  • Take responsibility for the security and access to records
  • Only dispose of,  alter or remove records with the appropriate authority by Records Governance Services (RGS).
How long do you need to keep records?

Records need to be retained in accordance with the minimum legal retention requirements outlined by the NSW State Archives and Records disposal authorities (legislated under the State Records Act 1998).

The University must not dispose any records where the University is aware of possible legal action (including legal discovery, court cases, formal applications for access) where the records may be required as evidence.

The State Archives and Record Disposal Authorities cover most functions of the University from administration, academic, finance, research, student, personal records etc regardless of its format.

For more information, contact Records Governance Services or see our Disposal web pages.

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