Information Disposal

General Disposal Authorities (GDA)

The State Records Authority has authorised several disposal schedules specifying how long certain records should be kept (retention periods) and whether upon the expiry of the specified retention periods the records may be destroyed or are to become State Archives. The key schedules for the University are:


Minimum Retention Periods

Please be aware that it is unlawful to damage, alter, or destroy any records of the University without authorisation. If you need to seek authorisation to destroy records, please download the "Request to Destroy Records" form from the Records Governance Services (RGS) forms page. When completed, send this to RGS (preferably in electronic format). The RGS will then assess your request and provide authorisation for the destruction of the records or advice if the records need to be retained.

We can help you determine whether it is appropriate and lawful to dispose of your records. Contact the RGS for more information about our services.