Council is the University's most senior decision-making body responsible for the oversight, management and development of strategic plans and key policies. Council monitors the overall performance and accountability of the organisation and is subject to standards of corporate governance.

The Council Charter sets out the role and responsibilities of the Council and its members, the responsibilities delegated to committees or management, as well as the membership and the operation of the Council. Find out more about Council.

Council handbook

Council Handbook

While the Council Handbook is primarily designed to help UON Council members, it is also a useful resource for staff if you're interested in learning more about UON's governance and understanding Council's role, areas of focus and responsibilities.

Meet the members

Meet our Council Members

Get to know your Council members a little better. Learn more about each member's role, their industry experience, and why they joined Council. Meet the members here.

Council meeting dates

Council Meeting Dates

The Council meets regularly and these meetings are scheduled at the beginning of each year. Find the meeting dates, locations and times for Council and committee meetings.

Paper templates

Council Paper Templates

Across UON, papers are prepared to provide Council members with the information they need to make informed decisions in the best interest of UON. There are specific templates for this. Access the approved templates and information to help you prepare an effective Council paper.


Committees at UON

UON has various committees which are outlined in the committee structure. Council has a series of standing committees that meet regularly. These committees are skills-based bodies designed to deal with specific matters and include People and Culture Committee, Chancellor's Committee, Controlled and Associated Entities Committee , Finance Committee, Nominations and Governance Committee, Risk Committee and the Development Committee.

Secretariat support

Secretariat support

UON’s Secretariat team provides professional support to the University’s Council, Academic Senate and committees. The team is also on hand to support you with preparing papers and reports and can provide other governance advice. Find out more about how the Secretariat team can help you.


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