Templates, guides and resources

UON’s Council and its committees need timely information, context and advice in advance of their meetings. This helps ensure good decisions are made in the best interest of UON.

Papers are provided to Council Members seven days before their scheduled meeting.

Council’s information needs are quite specific and using these tools, templates and resources will help ensure your report provides the key elements of strategy, risk, financial value and operational impact that Council members require so they can undertake the necessary analysis of an issue.Need to prepare a paper for Council?

Report Templates

ResourceUse this for:
EC/CoC-Standard Report Template

This is the template to be used for papers to be provided to committees of Council/Council, via the Executive Committee.


The Secretariat team is on hand to help. Contact us if you have any questions about these templates and resources, or if you need advice on preparing information for Council or its committees.