About Council

Council is UON's governing board. Its role is to oversee the affairs of the University, set and review our strategic direction and ensure that the right structures, policies, processes and plans are in place to help us achieve our organisational goals.

The Council operates in line with the University of Newcastle Act 1989 and the University of Newcastle By-law 2017. These legislative documents set out the powers and functions of the University and how these must be performed. The Council Charter outlines the specific roles and responsibilities of the Council and its members.

UON Council Members

UON’s Council is led by The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans, and works together with the Vice-Chancellor and senior management. To allow Council to focus on key strategic issues, it delegates operational activities, day-to-day management of the University and other key functions to UON’s Vice-Chancellor.

Council also has a series of committees to support its decision making. There are seven standing Committees of Council and each has a different and specific purpose. Council members sit on committees relevant to their expertise and experience.

The Council meets regularly and has a diverse member base including external members appointed by the Minister, external members appointed by Council, elected academic and non-academic staff members and an elected student member. You can meet the members and learn more about them here.

The Council is committed to providing information about itself, its activities and its decisions to staff and students. After each Council Meeting, you read more about Council’s decisions in the Council Communique.

Council and Academic Senate Service (CASS) Secretariat team, led by the University Secretary provides professional governance and administrative support to the Chancellor, the Council and its committees. The team also provides advice to the wider UON community.

All invitations and correspondence to Council members should be directed to Melinda Wellham.

Queries or questions related to committees can be directed to the Secretariat team.

Queries for the University Secretary can be directed to Unisec@newcastle.edu.au.