Council handbook

Council handbookThe Council Handbook helps Council members and members of Council committees and includes detailed information about the University's governance and management.

It is supported by the Council Charter. The Charter sets out the role and responsibilities of the Council and its members, responsibilities delegated to committees or management as well as the membership and operation of the Council.

While the handbook has been prepared primarily for Council members, there is relevant information for the wider University community including:

If you have any queries, please contact the University Secretary,


The University Council

  1. University Council
  2. Council Membership
  3. Council Member Contact List (available in Diligent for Council members only)
  4. Council Member Terms (Diligent)
  5. Committees, Committee Memberships and Committee Charters
Defining Governance Roles

The University Council's role in governance

  1. University of Newcastle Act 1989
  2. University of Newcastle By-law 2017
  3. Governance Rule
  4. Statement of Primary Responsibilities - refer to section 2(6) in Council Charter
  5. Council Reserved Matters
  6. Delegations of Authority to the Vice-Chancellor
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Council's key areas of focus

  1. Strategic Direction
    1. Looking Ahead 2020-2025 Strategic Plan
    2. Long Term Financial Plan (Diligent)
    3. Corporate Plan (Diligent)
  2. Management Oversight
    1. Vice-Chancellor Performance Goals (Diligent)
    2. University Executive
    3. University Structure
    4. Controlled Entities - TUNRA , Newcastle Australia IHE, NUsport, and NUservices
  3. Research, Education and University Awards
    1. Global Partnership Plan (Diligent)
  4. Finance and Capital Oversight
    1. Budget (Diligent)
    2. Guidelines for Commercial Activities
  5. Ethical Standards - refer to section 45 and 46 in Council Charter
  6. Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance
    1. Governance Framework for Controlled Entities
  7. Risk Oversight
    1. Risk Management Policy
  8. Stakeholder Management and Networking
    1. Council Event Calendar (Diligent)

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Key governance roles at the University

  1. Chancellor - refer to section 3(26) in Council Charter
  2. Deputy Chancellor - refer to section 3(28) in Council Charter
  3. Vice-Chancellor
  4. Interim Constitution of the Academic Senate Rule
  5. University Secretary and Council Governance contact details
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Membership of Council

  1. Council Skills and Experience Matrix (Diligent)
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Disclosure of Interest Form (Diligent)
  4. Conflicts of Interests Policy
  5. Professional Development for Council Members Guidelines
  6. Deed of Access and Indemnity (Diligent)
  7. Travel Policy
  8. Selection of the Chancellor Procedure
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Council operations

  1. Meetings Schedule
  2. Council Report Templates
  3. Council Member Decision Checklist

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Maintaining effectiveness

  1. Council Performance (Diligent)
  2. Reimbursement of Council Members Expenses Policy
  3. Guideline for the Appointment of Co-opted Members of Council Committees


Other useful references

  1. University of Newcastle Annual Report
  2. Government Information Public Access Act 2009
  3. Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988
  4. Competition and Consumer Act 2010
  5. Digital PHD Thesis Repository
  6. Voluntary Code of Best Practice for the Governance of Australian Universities (Diligent)

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