Need Help to Tidy Up your Records?

With the end of the academic and University financial year approaching, it’s an ideal time to tidy up your office, free up some much needed space, and deal with those University Records.

University records include, registered University records (that you may have borrowed from RGS) or locally created files containing original documents relating to the work you perform. These records include such things as contracts, accreditation, committee, research and student records etc. Records Governance Services (RGS) can provide guidance in determining what records need to be kept and what records you can legally destroy.

Don't have room in your Office to store records?

Why not scan your paper files directly into TRIM using our high speed Ezescan scanner ?

Alternatively we can arrange for the records to be stored in our secure offsite storage facility.

Want to know how you can reduce your storage requirements, declutter your office, improve processes and retrieval times, and never lose those critical documents?

Contact Record Governance Services (RGS) and find out how we can help you and your team to take that leap forward into a paperless office using TRIM.  Here are some examples of recent projects:

  • Revenue Accounting are digitising all their paper records, storing and managing these in TRIM. [Read Review]
  • Office of Graduate Research have digitised and streamlined their previously paper based HDR application process by introducing digital workflows within TRIM. [Read Review]
  • Records Governance Services have digitised over 3570 University records and migrated these into TRIM.  This has improved retrieval times, accessibility, preservation and management of records.
  • Human Resource Services have gone completely paperless.  HRS have not created a paper personnel records since 2014 and instead use TRIM to streamline and manage their records.  HRS can now readily access over 3513 digitised personnel records in TRIM thanks to a recent digitisation project. [Read Review]
  • Faculty of Science are using the high speed Ezescan equipment to scan and save (SELS) student laboratory induction forms directly into TRIM. [Read Review]
  • Historical Course and Program Handbooks have been saved into TRIM for easier access, and structures put in place for future handbook preservation.
  • Conjoint applications are utilised across multiple faculties and are now managed centrally in TRIM utilising PDF fillable forms and digital workflows.
  • Animal Services have moved from storing invoices physically to storing digitally in TRIM.
  • Scholarship Applications are now being managed in TRIM enabling multiple selection committee members (University wide) to view and create records digitally in a secure and central location.
  • Faculty of Education have moved their course accreditation process off share drives and are now managing in TRIM.

RGS offers tailored training sessions and support/training material on request, and as part of every project we undertake. Training can even be conducted within your own office, providing your office/building has a suitable space.

Contact Records Governance Services (RGS) for Assistance...

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