Together we can reverse the threat of cybercrime

Cybercrime is big business. 6.09 million Australian adults were hit by cybercrime last year. This is one in four Australians.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime includes criminal activities that happen online or are committed using devices (like laptops, tablets and phones) connected to the internet. UON operates in a threat environment dominated by exploitable vulnerabilities and email phishing attacks. These attacks are constant in nature and variable in severity. Attackers are combining tools that range from simple scripts to sophisticated malware with social engineering methods to find technical and human vulnerabilities to compromise sensitive data. UON is not alone in its struggle to protect its information assets with concerns about cyber security existing across the entire Higher Education. A recent report by the NTT group identified the Education sector as the most attacked industry in the Asia Pacific region. Our world-class and cutting-edge Research is highly attractive to attackers.

How can you protect yourself?

There are simple things you can do to protect yourself online and help reverse the threat of cybercrime:

UON are proud to be participating in the 2018 stay smart online initiative with the Australian government.

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