Protecting University Information

When it comes to protecting University information assets, best practices are not something that we utilise when we want to, or when we remember to – best practices are something we need to use every day.

Every day, you need to:

  • Lock your computer when leaving your desk;
  • Remember that University provided-laptops and mobile phones are company assets and should be protected appropriately;
  • Remember that personal devices containing University information need be protected in the same manner.
  • Not leave confidential printouts sitting unattended in photocopiers, faxes, and printers;
  • Ensure all confidential or personal information is shredded or placed in confidential waste bins when it is no longer required to be retained;
  • Carry your University Identification card with you;
  • Keep your desk clear of confidential or personal information when you leave for any extended period e.g. meetings or lunch;
  • Ensure all filing cabinets and drawers that store confidential or personal information are locked when you leave the office;
  • Immediately report any actual or suspected information security incidents to IT Services;
  • Visit the Information Security site for current IT Policies and additional information.

IT Services provides an Information Security Awareness training program for all staff.  The course is an online, self-paced, comprehensive training program available in Discover. It addresses topical issues in information security and is designed for employees of all levels and skillsets. The training should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions about these security procedures, please contact the IT Service Desk.