Microsoft Office, for free, really

What is Office 365 Staff Advantage?

You can download the Microsoft Office 365 applications on up to 5 PCs/Macs, 5 mobile devices and 5 Tablets, for ease of access anywhere, anytime on any devices.

What applications can I get?

The applications available include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype for Business and Access. Not all applications are available on all platforms.

Operating system

Applications available

Download instructions

How-to information

Windows (Office 2016 ProPlus)

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype for Business, and Access


Office 2016

Mac OS X (Office 2016)

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Mac OS X

Office 2016

iOS (Office Mobile)

Word, Excel, PowerPoint
OneNote and Skype for Business are available as separate downloads
See here for more information

iOS Mobile

Office Mobile for iPhone

Android (Office Mobile)

Word, Excel, PowerPoint
OneNote and Skype for Business are available as separate downloads
See here for more information


Office Mobile for Android smart phones

Office Mobile for Android tablets

Is it really free?

Yes. While ever you are employed or have an active contract at UON, the full editable version of the software will be available for you to download.

How do I get it?

Access to the software is via your UNify account. Just sign in as normal, using your email account (eg. and password, and follow the instructions in the table above.

Is this a full version Office and available for offline use?

Yes, this is full Office on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms, and all are available for offline use.

I have a desktop and a laptop. Can I download the software on to both computers?

Yes. Staff Advantage allows you to run Office on up to five machines - Mac OS X or Windows.
You can also run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iOS on up to 5 mobile devices.

How long do I have access to this offer?

While ever you are an employee or have an active contract at UON, you will be able to download and use the full versions of the Office software.

What happens when I finish working at the University?

Once you come to the end of your contract, or your relationship with UON ends, access to the full version will end. Any installed software will become 'read only' and you will need to purchase Microsoft Office from a commercial vendor if you wish to use the full functionality of the applications.

Will my software be automatically updated?

Yes. After you've completed the installation, make sure you have automatic updates turned on.

Can I deactivate an installation?

If you've already installed Microsoft Office via Staff Advantage on five computers that you use and you want to install Office on a sixth computer, you will need to deactivate an installation on one of your current computers.

Inside UNify, go to Software > Office. Click Deactivate next to the computer you want to deactivate the installation from.