IT Service Quality Benchmark Survey

Benchmark Survey image

IT Services participates in an annual sector wide IT Service Quality Benchmark Survey.

Your responses to the 2015 survey will direct us to areas where improvement is necessary, where opportunities to be proactive rather than reactive exist, and confirm which services we offer are the most beneficial to you as a researcher, academic or professional staff member.

It also enables us to benchmark our services across the higher education sector.

So, how have we responded to your feedback from last year's survey?

As a result of the feedback from last year's survey, we have been able to streamline some critical areas, and offer more services to support your work and research.

We have:

  • Reduced call wait times by an average of 44 seconds - no-one likes to wait in a phone queue, and every second you get back is precious
  • Increased our 'over the phone' resolution rate of your issues by 8.2% - you call us, and we give you a solution while we are talking to you
  • Improved our remote support tools - no need for you to set up an appointment with our desktop staff and spend time waiting at your workstation
  • Installed more than 1200 additional wireless access points
  • Provided Microsoft Lync for instant messaging and video calls
  • Extended Microsoft Office 365 licence to include staff personal devices

How are we doing in comparison to other universities?

The 2014 benchmark results ranked us 8th out of 25 participating universities in Australia and New Zealand.
Our score was above the mean, and approaching gold standard service levels.

Over the 7 years we have been involved in this survey, our position has been continually improving – something we are proud of considering our size and funding model.

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete, depending on the questions that are relevant to you.

So keep an eye on your email. We'd really appreciate your feedback.