Corporate storage renewal project

To meet the needs of the University's rapidly changing organisational structure, and to accommodate the business requirements of our research community, IT Services is installing a new consolidated storage system.

The new storage system will provide:

  • an increased storage capacity for researchers, business divisions, faculties, schools and students,
  • expanded capacity for corporate research storage,
  • improved reliability,
  • increased security,
  • faster access and data transfer.

Alignment with organisational structure and a review of information security may result in changes to folder structure and access permissions for shared drives across the University.

The Project Team has been liaising with business unit representatives to establish shared data relationships and security requirements.

For many users, there will be no noticeable change. However if your division, faculty or school has undertaken organisational change in recent times, you may see a change in drive structures, or the location of some file shares you access.

In some instances mapping to shared drives (for example S: and R: drives) may become disconnected during migration to the new data storage structures. These connections will be re-established by project staff if required. The data is safe and is not at risk of being 'lost'.

Bruce Jones
Project Manager

T: 4921 6677

Why does the shared drive file structure look different after the data was moved?

The new data storage area reflects the current organisational structure across UoN.

Organisational and personal role changes will be reflected in the new structure. You may see additional or less folders in your shared drive now (usually the S: drive). This will depend on access requirements of your role.

You should still have access to necessary file shares as before, but if this is not the case, please contact the Project Team.
Can I continue to work on files I have saved on my hard drive (C:) while the transfer is underway?
Yes. Access to your hard drive will be unaffected. However, for backup and recovery reasons, you should consider moving any University files from your C: drive to your U: drive in the future.
Can you provide some information on our new storage system?

Our chosen storage service provider is Hitachi Data Systems who are currently positioned in the Leader's Quadrant of The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High-End Modular Disk Arrays.

HDS has provided an integrated network storage array system with an initial 900TeraByte of capacity to meet our corporate, research and disaster recovery requirements. The system is capable of being expanded to greater than 2 PetaByte to meet UoN requirements over the next 5 years.

The system also includes the latest technology tape drive backup systems and the ability, to access share files remotely, and to also automatically archive old files.

The new HDS storage system will, in the near future combine with other cloud based storage products to allow UoN IT Services to offer an array of storage solutions for students, researchers and staff members.