The University of Newcastle, Australia


If you have previously completed postgraduate studies (either single subjects or a full degree program), it may count as credit towards your University of Newcastle postgraduate program.

Before you start a credit application, please make sure that you prepare the required supporting documentation. Make sure you have scanned colour copies (or certified black and white copies) of the following:

  • Your official transcripts. This needs to be an official transcript as we are not able to accept unofficial transcripts or screenshots of online results notifications.
  • Official copies of the course/subject syllabus. These need to include:
    • total hours for the whole course, assessment weighting scheduled (e.g. 25% mid semester exam, 75% final exam etc)
    • weekly topic schedule
    • textbook materials used

You should also consider the age of your prior qualifications. Credit is typically not awarded for studies completed more than 10 years ago. In some instances, the allowable timeframe is less than 10 years. Full details are outlined in our Program Management and Procedure Manual.

Apply early!

It can take up to three weeks for a full assessment of your credit application. To guarantee that you receive an outcome prior to the census date of your first term of study, please ensure that you submit your credit application at least three weeks before the start of term.

Once you have prepared any required supporting documentation, you can submit your credit application.


Contact our Postgraduate Support Team Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on 1800 882 12 or via email. Alternatively, speak with one of our team members via web chat Monday to Friday between 9am and 4:30pm (NSW time). For calls outside Australia phone +61 2 4921 8856.

Alternatively, visit our frequently asked questions page.