The University of Newcastle, Australia

How to apply

Applying to the University of Newcastle has never been easier!

For most programs, you can complete an easy, online application form. Applying only takes around 10 minutes and there is no fee for direct applications. You can upload all of your certified supporting documentation online.

For some programs, applications need to be made through the Universities Admission Centre or the International Office. Certain specialist programs may have extra application requirements, which will be listed on the detailed program information page.

If you are not sure where to start, just click on the online application form and you will be directed to the correct area based on the information that you provide.

Application closing dates

If you are applying directly to the University of Newcastle, please adhere to the application closing dates listed below. All required supporting documents must be received by these dates. Applications received after these dates will be considered for the next available intake:

Summer 2019
Summer term - 2 - 30 December 2018
Semesters 2019
Semester 1 - 10 February 2019
Semester 1 - Applications for the Master of Professional Psychology close 12 October 2018
Semester 2 - 14 July 2019
Trimesters 2019
Trimester 1 - 20 January 2019
Trimester 2 - 5 May 2019
Trimester 3 - 18 August 2019
Winter 2019
Winter Term - 23 June 2019

NOTE: Programs are available for admission in either Semesters OR Trimesters. Please review the detailed program information and key dates to see which applies to your program of choice.

Master of Clinical Psychology (Semester 1 2019 only)

  • Applications open September 5 2018
  • Applications close Fri Oct 5 2018

Master of Teaching (Primary & Secondary) (Semester 1)

  • Applications open September 5 2018
  • Applications close Feb 3 2019

Please refer to the University Admissions Centre application closing dates for your program.

International students who wish to study online from their home country can apply online. See the 'before you get started' section below. Those wishing to study face-to-face or a combination of both should visit the International Admissions page.

Before you get started

To ensure that the process goes smoothly for you, please be sure to complete the following steps before applying:

  1. Review the program that you wish to apply for. Note the admission criteria, admission instructions, requirements & structure and any additional information listed.
  2. Review the program fees and costs.
  3. Check whether your postgraduate program has a Semester or a Trimester closing date. Please view the application closing date as listed above.
  4. If you are from a non-English-speaking background, you need to satisfy the University's English language requirements and ensure that you can provide evidence of your English proficiency if required.

You will be considered for entry based on criteria such as your undergraduate studies and/or equivalent prior learning and/or relevant work experience.

Recognition of prior learning

At the University of Newcastle we recognise the value of informal learning gained through professional experience. When applying, check the admission requirements to see whether your program recognises previous professional experience.

If you would like your professional and/or work experience to be considered, you will need to provide certified copies of all relevant qualifications, a detailed CV, and a statement of service or signed letters from employers confirming your role, duties and period of employment.

All applications for recognition of prior learning based on experience will be assessed by the program convenor of your selected degree.

Apply to study

If you are planning on studying your program entirely online or via blended delivery, you can apply directly using our online application form. Other applications can be made via UAC or the international office. If you are unsure which application process is most suitable for you please use the online form. You will be directed to the correct area based on the information that you provide.

Apply online

  1. Review the Admission Requirements for your program.
  2. Prepare any necessary certified supporting documents for upload.
  3. Click the 'Apply Now' button below.
  4. Complete each section of the form. You will need to provide information on personal and contact details, confirm your citizenship, give a summary of your previous study and /or work experience as well as confirm the type of study that you wish to complete. Please take the time to view the help points listed for many of the application questions.
  5. Based on the information that you provide, you will be required to upload supporting documentation prior to submitting your application.
  6. Upon submission of your online application, you will be notified by email that it has been received. Please keep this email for your records.
  7. Our Admissions staff will contact you to discuss any additional required supporting documentation.
  8. If you wish to discuss your application, please contact our Admissions team at

Apply Now

Access your incomplete application

Once you begin an online application, an individual application link will be emailed to the email address you provided in Step 1 of the application form. Simply click on the link to pick up where you left off.

If you have any problems completing the online application, please contact us.

Phone 1800 88 21 21 (inside Australia) or + 61 2 4921 8856 (outside Australia), or submit an enquiry.