The University of Newcastle, Australia

Supporting documentation

If you do not have a University of Newcastle student identification number, or wish to include details of studies completed at another institution, you may also be required to submit the following:

For information about identity documents, see How do I prove my identity?

Applicants who were born overseas and are now residing in Australia will need to provide details of their citizenship, residency and visa details.

  • If you were born overseas and have gained Australian citizenship, you will need to provide a certified copy of your Australian passport or citizenship certificate.
  • If you were born overseas and currently hold an Australian visa, you need to confirm your details of your visa type/class, and provide a copy of your visa. Depending on how your visa was issued, you may provide a copy of the page from your passport showing the visa stamp, or a copy of the Department of Immigration confirmation of your electronic visa. If you do not have access to either of these documents, please include a copy of your passport.

If you are applying for admission on the basis of studies completed at an institution other than the University of Newcastle, you will need to provide certified copies of official transcripts.

For each qualification that you list on your application, you must provide a certified copy of your transcript.

Overseas educational qualifications will be assessed for equivalence according to standards provided by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition.

All applicants, whether domestic or international, for admission to any University of Newcastle program must provide evidence that their English language ability meets the minimum requirements for admission. Applicants should review the University of Newcastle English Proficiency Policy.

If you have not previously completed education in an English speaking environment, or completed a formal English language test, please provide details of any employment undertaken in an English speaking environment. Your application will be reviewed and we contact you regarding your options for demonstrating English proficiency.

Certified documents

All documentation supplied with your application must be a full colour copy of the original document, or a certified black and white copy.

For more information, see What is a certified copy?