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Whether you want to develop specialist knowledge to advance your career or are looking for a career change altogether, our postgraduate degrees offer you the flexibility to shape your studies around work and life. Now’s the time to maximise your potential. Make 2020 your year.

90+ Postgraduate degree programs available
Flexible Shape your studies around your lifestyle
94%+ ? Postgraduate employment rate
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Why study a postgraduate degree at the University of Newcastle?

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From balancing work and study to the benefits of
online learning, find out how some of our postgraduate students made study work for them.

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Advance your career

Looking for a way to stand out in a competitive job market? Postgraduate study helps you to keep on top of emerging trends and develop specialised skills to advance your career. And with a 94%+ postgraduate employment rate¹ – above the national average – our graduates are in demand.

¹ Overall Employment - postgraduate coursework Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017 - 2019

Take a new direction

With 90+ postgraduate degree programs to choose from, it might be time to take the leap, change things up and pursue your passion. Learn from global leaders and take advantage of our strong connections to industry.

If not now, when?

Flexible study options

With face-to-face, online and mixed-mode delivery available, our flexible postgrad programs can be studied anytime, anywhere. They also provide you the option to translate your real-world experience into course credit.

Earn more

Postgraduates earn more. In 2019, the median salary for an undergraduate bachelor degree holder was $62.6K, compared to $85.3k for postgraduate coursework graduates². If you study with us, the future could be brighter still. Our postgraduates earn a median salary of $92k – well above national average.

² 2019 Graduate Outcomes Survey

Connect with industry

We’re the No. 1 University in Australia for industry collaboration³. Take advantage of our industry partnerships and graduate with valuable professional connections.

³ Innovation Connections IC Report 2014 - 2019

Expand your global network

When you graduate, you’ll join our 148,000+ strong global alumni community spanning 144 countries. With networking events, meet-ups and mentoring opportunities, you can connect the dots and grow a global career.

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  • 13 Jul Winter Term - Examinations
  • 17 Jul Winter Term - Results released
  • 19 Jul Semester 2 - Postgraduate applications close
  • 31 Jul Semester 1 - Results released
  • 31 Jul Trimester 2 - Concludes
  • 03 Aug Trimester 2 - Examinations
  • 03 Aug Semester 2 - Commences
  • 03 Aug Singapore Semester 2 - Commences
  • 09 Aug Trimester 3 - Postgraduate Direct Application Closing Dates
  • 09 Aug Singapore Trimester 2 - Last day of teaching
  • 14 Aug Semester 2 - Last day to add a course through myHub without approval
  • 21 Aug Trimester 2 - Results released
  • 21 Aug Singapore Trimester 2 - Concludes
  • 24 Aug Trimester 3 - Commences
  • 28 Aug Semester 2 - Census date
  • 31 Aug Singapore Trimester 3 - Commences
  • 03 Sep Singapore Trimester 2 - Results released (Fully Graded Date)
  • 04 Sep Trimester 3 - Last day to add a course through myHub without approval
  • 07 Sep Singapore Trimester 2 - Rescheduled examinations
  • 11 Sep Singapore Trimester 3 - End of late enrolment period
  • 18 Sep Trimester 3 - Census date
  • 25 Sep Singapore Trimester 3 - Census date
  • 28 Sep Semester 2 - Recess
  • 05 Oct Labour Day Public Holiday
  • 12 Oct Semester 2 - Resumes
  • 12 Oct Singapore Trimester 3 - Mid term break
  • 13 Nov Trimester 3 - Concludes
  • 13 Nov Semester 2 - Concludes
  • 16 Nov Semester 2 - Examinations
  • 16 Nov Trimester 3 - Examinations
  • 02 Dec Trimester 3 - Results released
  • 06 Dec Singapore Trimester 3 - Last day of teaching
  • 07 Dec Singapore Trimester 3 - Examinations
  • 11 Dec Semester 2 - Results released
  • 17 Dec Singapore Trimester 3 - Concludes

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