The University of Newcastle, Australia

Fees and costs

Pay as you go: The online postgraduate programs administered by the University of Newcastle are full fee-paying programs, but you only pay for the postgraduate courses you take in the term that you attempt them, which means you don't have to make an upfront financial commitment to the entire program.

Fees differ from program to program, and fees for individual courses can vary too, so please check the details of your specific postgraduate program. It's also a good idea to review both your programs' requirements and course availability before choosing your courses.

Tuition fees

All course fees are reviewed annually with updated fee information made available to students prior to commencement of re-enrolment for the next calendar year. For a complete overview of Program Fees, how they are calculated, current year coursework fees and associated conditions visit our postgraduate fee information page.


The University of Newcastle has a number of scholarships available to both domestic and international postgraduate students. View available scholarships.

FEE-HELP Loan Scheme

Please make sure that you review the information provided by the Student Financials and Scholarships office.

Eligible domestic students can apply for an interest-free loan from the Australian Government through the FEE-HELP Loan Scheme (previously known as the Postgraduate Education Loans Scheme) to cover the cost of tuition fees. FEE-HELP does not cover accommodation and general living expenses.

To be eligible for FEE-HELP, you must be:

  • an Australian Citizen (who will be residing in Australia for at least the study period for one unit of study within that program); or
  • the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa who will be resident in Australia for the duration of the unit.

New Zealand citizens and Australian Permanent Residents are not eligible for FEE-HELP. Non-Award Courses are not eligible for FEE-HELP.

Students must apply for FEE-HELP by submitting an Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) via the MyHub System at the time of enrolment. The submission of an eCAF is related specially to a single program of study. Students must complete a new eCAF upon admission to any new program (including moving from a Graduate Certificate to a Masters, or readmission to a program in which you have previously been enrolled).  The eCAF must be completed prior to census date in any relevant term.  Failure to complete an eCAF will mean that you will be responsible to pay the tuition fees to the University.

More information on the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) can be found at the Study Assist website.

Important Information: Changes to Legislation - Higher Education Support Amendment (Student Contribution Amounts and Other Measures) Bill 2012

Recent changes to legislation will impact Australian citizens who are enrolling for the first time into a new program from 01 January 2013, and who will not be residing in Australia for at least the study period for one unit of study within that program.  If you are in this category then you will not be eligible for Commonwealth support and/or HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan.  You will be charged at the full fee tuition rate as set by the University for your study and will be responsible for the payment of these fees to the University

If you are continuing in your current program you will continue to be eligible for Commonwealth support and HELP loans.

If you are a New Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent resident who will not be located within Australia for the duration of your study, you will not be eligible for Commonwealth assistance.

For further information please contact the University of Newcastle Fees and Scholarships unit at or visit

Commonwealth Supported Places

Some of the schools at the University of Newcastle are able to offer their Postgraduate students Commonwealth Supported Places (previously known as HECS). This means that eligible students will be charged at the Commonwealth supported rate of student contribution instead of as full fee paying students.

Eligible students can still defer their student contributions by accessing a HECS-HELP Loan, and will be required to complete a Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) at the time of enrolment.

Learn more about Postgraduate Commonwealth Supported student places.

Check your program handbook to see whether your degree has a Commonwealth Supported Place.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

New legislation has been passed by the Commonwealth Government which will allow the University to charge all enrolled students a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

This fee is being phased in for all student cohorts for study from 2013, this will include students studying online.

All students will be charged a Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF) to assist with the funding of non-academic student services and amenities available to students of the University.

Students who want to take up the SA-HELP loan option to defer payment of their SSAF will need to complete a Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) as apart of the enrolment process.

Please note: Students who have already completed an eCAF for either HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP will still need to complete a new eCAF for SA-HELP.

Students who don't complete an SA-HELP eCAF by census date will be required to pay the fee upfront.

More information regarding SSAF can be found at the Students Services and Amenities Fee and Study Assist websites.