The University of Newcastle, Australia

Honorary and Conjoint Appointments

The University may award honorary appointments to individuals not currently employed by the University of Newcastle, who are collaborators through research, teaching, or professional activities. The University offers two types of honorary appointments:

  • Visiting appointment; and
  • Conjoint appointment.

For further information refer to the Honorary Appointments Policy.

Visiting appointments are for a fixed term to be agreed upon prior to appointment. These appointments are approved by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the relevant Faculty. Wherever possible the appointment is to be at the same level as that held at the home institution. Recommendations to the Pro Vice-Chancellor of proposed visits should include the following:

  • Name, curriculum vitae, and present appointment;
  • Details of the academic activities to be carried out by the nominee;
  • Details of the University facilities to be made available to the nominee;
  • Length of the appointment.

For further information on Visiting appointments refer to the Visiting Appointment Guidelines.

The Appointment of Conjoint Procedure provides the required steps for appointing, promotion to a higher level and reappointment of a Conjoint.

Application process

Candidates are required to complete an Application form and address the following criteria in reference to the Contributions of Conjoint Appointees, relevant to the appointment.

  • Teaching and learning;
  • Research and innovation; and/or
  • Service and engagement.

Applications must include certified copies of qualifications and a current Curriculum Vitae.

The Head of School will assess the application and make a recommendation to the Faculty Pro-Vice Chancellor for appointment. The School office is responsible for coordinating approval of the application in accordance with the Delegation of Authority and Appointment of Conjoint Procedure.

Once approved, the Head of School prepares a letter of offer using the appropriate template to send to the candidate.

Approved appointment documentation is forwarded to your HR Client Services Advisor for processing.


Consideration for reappointment is undertaken at the time the Conjoint appointment expires or as part of the triennial review, whichever is sooner.

Human Resource Services will provide advice to Faculties and Schools on the most efficient process to administer reappointments.

For further information and advice on Conjoint appointments contact your HR Client Services Advisor.