Team health and safety

Managers and supervisors have a responsibility in ensuring the health and safety of their staff. Underpinned by the health and safety management system following are areas of responsibility.

Dealing with issues

You should have a regular item during team meetings where staff can raise health and safety issues and concerns. If a concern is raised you can either control it internally or if this is not possible raise it to the relevant Health and Safety workgroup,

Inductions and training

All new staff need to complete our online health and safety induction within two weeks of starting at UON. Managers and supervisors are responsible for identifying any other inductions and training required for staff to assist in health and safety. For the current list of courses see the training and development calendar in HRonline.

Managing risks

It is important to identity hazards and risks in any new activities regardless of if you are an academic or professional staff member. It is your responsibility to either carry out these assessments or ensure your team carry them out.

Incident reporting

After an incident has occurred you need to ensure the incident is logged using our online reporting system. If the staff member needs medical attention and cannot log it themselves you will need to do it for them. Once the incident has been logged, the manager or supervisor will need to complete the corrective actions section and carry these out accordingly. For help with this see the instruction sheet (PDF, 158KB).

Healthy UON

Our Healthy UON program provides a range of programs and services to help staff maintain positive physical, workplace, mental and spiritual health. A healthy mind and body ensures better performance at work so you should be encouraging your staff to use these programs and services.