HDR Programs

Master (M Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees

Program Number Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees CRICOS Code
11125 PhD (Aboriginal Health Studies) 039721A
11159 PhD (Aboriginal Studies) 045938M
11032 PhD (Accounting and Finance) 032761E
11126 PhD (Anatomical Pathology) 039722M
11132 PhD (Anatomy) 039723K
10184 PhD (Architecture) 006951D
10061 PhD (Biological Sciences) 000851A
10853 PhD (Building) 012982B
10380 PhD (Chemical Engineering) 000822F
10095 PhD (Chemistry) 000847G
11028 PhD (Civil Engineering) 002444M
10450 PhD (Classics) 000880G
12433 PhD (Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics) 096511E
11139 PhD (Clinical Pharmacology) 039726G
12452 PhD (Clinical Psychology) 102244J
10729 PhD (Communication and Media Arts) 027438C
11459 PhD (Computer Engineering) 045946M
11029 PhD (Computer Science) 012986J
11677 PhD (Cultural Studies) 056223M
10728 PhD (Design) 039943J
11760 PhD (Disaster Management) 094556G
10050 PhD (Drama) 000868C
11762 PhD (Earth Sciences) 095157D
10494 PhD (Economics) 000865F
10367 PhD (Education) 000869B
10332 PhD (Electrical Engineering) 000821G
11719 PhD (Engineering) 069584A
10426 PhD (English) 000879M
11144 PhD (Environmental and Occupational Health) 039727F
11468 PhD (Environmental Engineering) 045937A
11751 PhD (Environmental Remediation) 087760G
10319 PhD (Environmental Science) 045948J
11721 PhD (Exercise and Sport Sciences) 070422J
11590 PhD (Experimental Pharmacology) 057006A
11750 PhD (Family Studies) 087967C
10727 PhD (Fine Art) 016817E
10955 PhD (Food Science) 023093M
11214 PhD (Gender and Health) 037762G
11136 PhD (General Practice) 039728E
10439 PhD (Geology) 000830F
12435 PhD (Gerontology and Geriatrics) 096522B
12437 PhD (Health Economics) 096514B
10041 PhD (History) 000878A
11030 PhD (Human Geography) 045947K
11140 PhD (Human Physiology) 039729D
11128 PhD (Immunology and Microbiology) 039731K
11185 PhD (Information Systems) 045949G
11524 PhD (Information Technology) 053411J
10147 PhD (Law) 000856G
10852 PhD (Leisure and Tourism) 027435F
10114 PhD (Linguistics) 000866E
11742 PhD (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) 082759G
10389 PhD (Management) 002429K
11478 PhD (Marine Science) 039732J
12453 PhD (Materials Science and Engineering) 102246G
10033 PhD (Mathematics) 002476C
10209 PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 000817C
11133 PhD (Medical Biochemistry) 039733G
12439 PhD (Medical Education) 096520D
12455 PhD (Medical Engineering) 103856F
11129 PhD (Medical Genetics) 039734G
11130 PhD (Medical Radiation Science) 039735F
11137 PhD (Medicine) 000774J
11593 PhD (Midwifery) 056225J
10333 PhD (Modern Languages) 027434G
10938 PhD (Music) 023091B
11735 PhD (Natural History Illustration) 075307E
10939 PhD (Nursing) 027433G
11131 PhD (Nutrition and Dietetics) 032819C
11754 PhD (Nutritional Biochemistry) 088914G
11127 PhD (Occupational Therapy) 031198B
11591 PhD (Oral Health) 056224K
12441 PhD (Paediatrics and Child Health) 096517K
11592 PhD (Pharmacy) 057005B
10191 PhD (Philosophy) 000877B
11031 PhD (Physical Geography) 000855G
10299 PhD (Physics) 000829K
11463 PhD (Physiotherapy) 045953A
11733 PhD (Podiatry) 074728C
11482 PhD (Politics) 045950D
11141 PhD (Psychiatry) 039737D
10216 PhD (Psychology - Science) 000828M
12443 PhD (Public Health and Behavioural Science) 096518J
11693 PhD (Religious Studies) 064801D
11142 PhD (Reproductive Medicine) 039738C
11727 PhD (Social Inclusion) 073058M
10738 PhD (Social Work) 013441A
11151 PhD (Sociology and Anthropology) 000867D
11474 PhD (Software Engineering) 045944B
11472 PhD (Speech Pathology) 045951C
10284 PhD (Statistics) 000854J
11143 PhD (Surgical Science) 039739B
11462 PhD (Surveying) 045935C
11480 PhD (Sustainable Resource Management) 039740J
12445 PhD (Trauma Sciences) 096521C

Master of Philosophy degrees

Program Number Master of Philosophy Degrees CRICOS Code
11644 M Philosophy (Aboriginal Health Studies) 039981C
11617 M Philosophy (Aboriginal Studies) 045911M
11601 M Philosophy (Accounting and Finance) 032758M
11641 M Philosophy (Anatomical Pathology) 039982B
11629 M Philosophy (Anatomy) 039983A
11618 M Philosophy (Architecture) 006950E
11661 M Philosophy (Biological Sciences) 032825E
11619 M Philosophy (Building) 012981C
11626 M Philosophy (Chemical Engineering) 032791K
11662 M Philosophy (Chemistry) 032826D
11624 M Philosophy (Civil Engineering) 032792J
11607 M Philosophy (Classics) 032734G
12432 M Philosophy (Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics) 096510F
11645 M Philosophy (Clinical Pharmacology) 039940A
11657 M Philosophy (Communication & Media Arts) 032735G
11621 M Philosophy (Computer Engineering) 045922G
11620 M Philosophy (Computer Science) 000896K
11678 M Philosophy (Cultural Studies) 056983D
11658 M Philosophy (Design) 032731M
11759 M Philosophy (Disaster Management) 094555J
11603 M Philosophy (Drama) 032736F
11761 M Philosophy (Earth Sciences) 095158C
11598 M Philosophy (Economics) 015708G
11606 M Philosophy (Education) 000909K
11622 M Philosophy (Electrical Engineering) 032793G
11608 M Philosophy (English) 032737E
11637 M Philosophy (Environmental and Occupational Health) 039985K
11625 M Philosophy (Environmental Engineering) 045925E
11752 M Philosophy (Environmental Remediation) 087761F
11663 M Philosophy (Environmental Science) 045910A
11720 M Philosophy (Exercise and Sport Science) 070421K
11630 M Philosophy (Experimental Pharmacology) 057004C
11749 M Philosophy (Family Studies) 087966D
11605 M Philosophy (Fine Art) 023083B
11664 M Philosophy (Food Science) 032853A
11646 M Philosophy (General Practice) 039986J
11665 M Philosophy (Geology) 032829A
12434 M Philosophy (Gerontology & Geriatrics) 096522B
12436 M Philosophy (Health Economics) 096513C
11609 M Philosophy (History) 033236G
11666 M Philosophy (Human Geography) 045913J
11631 M Philosophy (Human Physiology) 039987G
11632 M Philosophy (Immunology and Microbiology) 039988G
11659 M Philosophy (Information Systems) 045032J
11660 M Philosophy (Information Technology) 053410K
11600 M Philosophy (Law) 011014C
11599 M Philosophy (Leisure & Tourism) 032739C
11611 M Philosophy (Linguistics) 032740K
11741 M Philosophy (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) 082760C
11602 M Philosophy (Management) 032759K
11667 M Philosophy (Marine Science) 039719F
12454 M Philosophy (Materials Science and Engineering) 102245H
11671 M Philosophy (Mathematics) 032828B
11627 M Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering) 032794G
11633 M Philosophy (Medical Biochemistry) 039991A
12438 M Philosophy (Medical Education) 096515A
12456 M Philosophy (Medical Engineering) 103855G
11634 M Philosophy (Medical Genetics) 039993K
11670 M Philosophy (Medical Physics) 032823G
11638 M Philosophy (Medical Radiation Science) 039998E
11648 M Philosophy (Medicine) 039999D
11654 M Philosophy (Midwifery) 102444A
11612 M Philosophy (Modern language) 032741J
11604 M Philosophy (Music) 027418G
11734 M Philosophy (Natural History Illustration) 075308D
11653 M Philosophy (Nursing) 045882M
11639 M Philosophy (Nutrition and Dietetics) 040000B
11753 M Philosophy (Nutritional Biochemistry) 088916F
11640 M Philosophy (Occupational Therapy) 039942K
11635 M Philosophy (Oral Health) 056984C
12440 M Philosophy (Paediatrics and Child Health) 096516M
11642 M Philosophy (Pharmacy) 057003D
11613 M Philosophy (Philosophy) 032743G
11668 M Philosophy (Physical Geography) 032827C
11672 M Philosophy (Physics) 032830G
11636 M Philosophy (Physiotherapy) 045921J
11732 M Philosophy (Podiatry) 074729B
11597 M Philosophy (Politics) 045926D
11650 M Philosophy (Psychiatry) 040002M
11656 M Philosophy (Psychology) 032831G
12442 M Philosophy (Public Health and Behavioural Science) 096523A
11694 M Philosophy (Religious) 064802C
11651 M Philosophy (Reproductive Medicine) 040003K
11726 M Philosophy (Social Inclusion) 073057A
11616 M Philosophy (Social Work) 011015B
11614 M Philosophy (Sociology and Anthropology) 032744F
11623 M Philosophy (Software Engineering) 045923G
11615 M Philosophy (Speech Pathology) 045927C
11673 M Philosophy (Statistics) 032760F
11652 M Philosophy (Surgical Science) 040004
11628 M Philosophy (Surveying) 013963G
11669 M Philosophy (Sustainable Resource Management) 039720B
12444 M Philosophy (Trauma Sciences) 096519G

The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.