PhD and Research Masters

Find the right research degree

The following research degrees are offered by the School of Health Sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and
Master of Philosophy degrees
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Environmental and Occupational Health)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Family Studies)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Magnetic Resonance in Medicine)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Medical Radiation Science)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Occupational Therapy)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Oral Health)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Physiotherapy)
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Podiatry)

Current School of Health Sciences RHD Projects, Students and Supervisors:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Master of Philosophy

Our research strengths

School DisciplineResearch Capabilities
Family Studies- Fathers and family wellbeing
- Strong families–Capable communities
Medical Radiation Science- Medical radiation science clinical practice and technology
- Models of health science education and assessment
- Radiation protection
Nutrition and Dietetics- Dietary intake measurement and evaluation
- Public health and clinical nutrition interventions
- Nutrition epidemiology
- Obesity management
- E health
Occupational Health and Safety- Environmental / occupational health and safety
- Injury management
- Mental health and work
Occupational Therapy- Occupational therapy in mental health practice
- Occupational therapy and early diagnosis strategies for children with autism
- Occupational therapy education and curriculum design
Oral Health Therapy- Education based oral health research
- Elderly oral health
- Forensic dentistry
- Oral health therapy
Podiatry- Chronic disease in the lower limb
- Lower limb function
Physiotherapy- Stroke rehabilitation and brain recovery
- Treatment and neuroplasticity in musculoskeletal dysfunction

Find a supervisor

All research degree candidates require a supervisor. It is recommended you start actively searching for potential supervisors in your chosen field before you submit your application.

You can search for a supervisor by researcher name, area of expertise or by research centre name.

Further information

To find out more about research degree opportunities available in the School of Health Sciences please contact: