PhD and Research Masters

There has never been a better time to do a PhD or MPhil

Do you have a spirit for discovery? Is there a topic you have always wanted to explore? Delve into a humanities and social science specialisation and explore what lies beneath the human experience with a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – and pay no tuition fees.

With an MPhil or PhD, you will have the opportunity to create fresh knowledge, discover new ideas and develop new skills in a rigorous and supportive environment at the highest level possible. Academia is an adventure into lifelong learning that you can begin at any stage of your life.

How much will it cost?

There are no tuition fees, no HECS debt – postgraduate research degrees are free. Australian students are currently exempt from paying tuition fees for MPhil and PhD study.

  • For international students, see our costs section.

Who can apply?

Even if you don't have an Honours or Masters degree, you can apply to undertake a Research Masters, and, depending on progress, transfer to a PhD after your first full-time year of study. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Explore how to write a graduate research proposal, and talk to a supervisor to find out more.

Applicants whose first language is not English are required to demonstrate meeting the University's English proficiency policy.

Self-directed study seems like a daunting task. What support does the School provide?

  • Our RHD advantage package means that you will have access to the information and support you need during your MPhil or PhD journey. This includes:
  • A detailed induction process to help make the transition to post graduate research easier.
  • A rich program of workshops, seminars and courses that will enhance your research skills, enable you to connect with other students, and provide timely support at key moments of your candidature.
  • Awards and prizes celebrating graduate research achievements and contributions to our research culture.
  • Access to resources tailored to our diverse graduate research cohort.

Find a PhD or Research Masters program

Below you will find information on undertaking a PhD or Research Masters that is specific to each discipline within the School. This includes available supervisors, research methodologies, current graduate research and how to apply.

Graduate research cohorts

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