PhD and Research Masters

Find the right research degree

The following research degrees are offered by the Newcastle Law School.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and
Master of Philosophy degrees
  • PhD or M Philosophy (Law)

Research Strengths

Research capabilities within the School:

  • Child law
  • Contract law
  • Corporate governance
  • Criminal law and sentencing
  • Environmental law and international environmental law
  • Equal opportunity law
  • Family law
  • Human rights law and international human rights law
  • Labour relations law and international labour relations law
  • Legal profession
  • Occupational health and safety law
  • Tort law

Find a supervisor

All research degree candidates require a supervisor. It is recommended you start actively searching for potential supervisors in your chosen field before you submit your application.

You can search for a supervisor by researcher name, area of expertise or by research centre name.

Further information

To find out more about research degree opportunities available in the Newcastle Business School please contact: