The University of Newcastle, Australia

How to apply

Step 1 - Find a research degree

Find the right research degree for you on our full listing of higher degrees by research.

Step 2 - Find a supervisor

Scholarship applicants - All Commonwealth Government and UON scholarship applicants must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form and have it signed by a potential UON supervisor to be assured of being considered for scholarship. You should upload the EOI form with your online application. The potential supervisor will also provide you with a Pre-Identified Candidate (PIC) code which must be included in your application. Please see the Guide for uploading this information with your online application. Support from a potential supervisor is needed before your application can be considered but does not guarantee that you will be offered admission or awarded a scholarship.

The EOI form is a fillable PDF. Please right click the link below and save the document to your computer.

For admission only applicants - it is highly recommended you liaise with a UON supervisor prior to submitting your application.

Find a supervisor

Step 3 - Write a research proposal

You are required to submit a research proposal which is a clear statement describing your proposed area of research. Consultation with an academic staff member in your area of research interest is required.

Step 4 - Apply now

Register and apply online

If you have already registered, continue to the online application form.

Please note the documents / supporting evidence that you may be required to provide in support of your application for admission:

  • Research proposal must be supplied for all applications
  • Birth certificate, if not previously enrolled at this University within the last seven years
  • Copy of personal details page of your passport, and visa if applicable
  • Evidence of citizenship, if not born in Australia or New Zealand, and not previously enrolled at this University
  • English translations of academic qualifications, if academic qualifications are not in English
  • Certified copies of English Language qualification, or details of English proficiency, or indicate tertiary studies in English in the last two years
  • Certified copies of all previous academic qualifications except for hose completed at the University of Newcastle – certificates and/or transcripts for each course, whether completed or not
  • Evidence of name change, if academic qualifications are in a different name. If you are an overseas registered nurse, provide a certified true copy in English of your license
  • Candidature variation form for applicants intending to study off campus
  • Curriculum Vitae detailing relevant experience or employment, if previous experience / employment is specified (optional)
  • Statement of research experience from previous supervisor, if previous research experience is specified (optional)
  • Evidence of previous enrolments for incomplete research program, if previous incomplete research programs specified.

If you apply for a UON Scholarship, you should additionally provide evidence of previous publications / exhibitions / research attainments. These are required if the attainments are to be included in your points ranking. See the HDR Scholarship Guidelines for more information. All applications for scholarship must include a Pre-Identified Candidate (PIC) code, which is provided by a potential UON supervisor (see Step 2).

International applicants: please note that the International Sanctions Compliance Assessment is a requirement of the Higher Degree by Research admission process.