Extending our skills, knowledge and strengths equips us to meet challenges and become a world-class institution. Find opportunities in workforce development.

Workforce development

At UON we recognise that people are our greatest asset. We are committed to providing meaningful and relevant learning and development opportunities to equip our staff to meet challenges in our sector and become a world class institution. We provide an environment where staff can continuously develop as individuals, teams and leaders. We aim to provide blended learning opportunities to development staff capabilities and support the requirements of the role and career development aspirations.

Our workforce development opportunities are underpinned by the following three strategic frameworks:

Plan your development

The Performance Review and Development (PRD) process is key to the achievement of our strategic goals by supporting the management of performance and development of our staff. It also provides the basis for career development planning conversations between staff and their managers focusing on both capability building in their current position, as well as development opportunities for short to long term career aspirations.

Develop your capability

The Performance Expectations Frameworks (PEF) provide performance and career clarity for all staff by outlining the capabilities, performance targets and qualitative descriptors expected at each level.

Everyone as a leader

The Leadership Framework outlines the expected behaviours required of all staff to achieve our 2025 Vision. It highlights UON's commitment to our Future Workforce to building leadership capacity and capability and a strong leadership culture.

Building Capability the 70:20:10 way

Our workforce development opportunities are built on the 70:20:10 model of learning which espouses that learning is most effective when supported through a combination of Experience on-the-job, Exposure to others and through formal Education.

Workforce Development Prospectus

Our existing career development opportunities are outlined below. We are continuously developing new learning opportunities aligned to the UON frameworks outlined above. Blended 70:20:10 solutions will become available on the Workforce Development webpage as soon as they are developed. In the interim please register for available face-to-face courses via HROnline as per current arrangement.

As an international research and educational institution this University is committed to achieving best practice in the management  of Health and Safety across all of our locations.

Healthy UoN is a University of Newcastle program that boosts the physical, social and psychological health and wellbeing of our community by promoting healthy learning, working and living environments.

In conjunction with Healthy UON the following courses are offered:

MindTools logo - UON Staff can access learning modules from MindTools.com Access UoN's MindTools Resources and Tool kits

  • IT Training (Microsoft Office) - under development
  • TOF Workflow Approvers
  • TOF Purchasing – New users
  • TOF Debtor Invoicing – New users
  • TOF Reporting and Enquiries – New users
  • Trobexis and Amadeus Training
  • Spendvision

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

  • Academic Development
  • Academic Technologies
  • UONline support
  • Blended and Online Learning and Design (BOLD)
  • Teaching spaces support
  • Learning and Development

Other courses and information for CTL IT systems and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is available via the CTL website.

Research Programs:

  • Early Career Researcher Program (under development)
  • Researcher Leadership (under development)

Research Resources

Research Conferences

Researcher Development Series

  • Turbocharge your writing for Publication
  • Planning your research career
  • Developing a research track record on a shoestring
  • Strategic researcher
  • Shameless self-promotion
  • Creating the 7 secrets of highly successful RHD students: For supervisors
  • Effective financial management of research accounts
  • Grant writing for success (under development)

Also see the UON Academy website for more information about this intiative.