Workforce development

At UON we recognise that people are our greatest asset. We are committed to providing meaningful and relevant learning and development opportunities to equip our staff to meet challenges in our sector and become a world class institution. We provide an environment where staff can continuously develop as individuals, teams and leaders. We aim to provide blended learning opportunities to development staff capabilities and support the requirements of the role and career development aspirations.

Our workforce development opportunities are underpinned by the following three strategic frameworks:

Plan your development

Performance Review and Development is a collaborative, on-going process between a manager and staff to plan for, develop, and evaluate a staff member’s work.

Develop your capability

The Performance Expectations Frameworks (PEF) provide performance and career clarity for all staff by outlining the capabilities, performance targets and qualitative descriptors expected at each level.

Everyone as a leader

The Leadership Framework outlines the expected behaviours required of all staff to achieve our 2025 Vision. It highlights UON's commitment to our Future Workforce to building leadership capacity and capability and a strong leadership culture.

Building Capability the 70:20:10 way

Our workforce development opportunities are built on the 70:20:10 model of learning which espouses that learning is most effective when supported through a combination of Experience on-the-job, Exposure to others and through formal Education.

Workforce Development Prospectus

Our existing career development opportunities are now on Discover. We are continuously developing new learning opportunities aligned to the UON frameworks outlined above. Blended 70:20:10 solutions will become available on Discover as soon as they are developed. HRonline is being phased out and courses can be booked directly through Discover.

Leadership Programs