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Performance Review and Development (PRD)

Performance Review and Development is a collaborative, on-going process between a manager and staff to plan for, develop, and evaluate a staff member’s work.

PRD focuses on providing staff with clarity as to what is expected of them, aligning individual and University goals, and identifying areas for staff learning and career development.

All full-time and part-time staff in ongoing roles, or staff on fixed term contracts greater than six months will have access to enter their goals and perform yearly reviews in the PRD system, once they have completed probation.

PRD cycle
PRD Handbook Your Guide to PRD at UON

Goal Setting

December to March

In the period from December to March, managers and staff set and agree performance and development goals.

  1. Managers set performance expectations with staff.
  2. Staff member reflects on performance expectations, career aspirations, leadership behaviours and drafts performance and development goals.
  3. Staff member and manager (or PRD Supervisor) meet face to face to review and agree performance and development goals and record them in the PRD system.

Ongoing Conversations

March to October

In the period from March to October, managers and staff have ongoing conversations and feedback about progress towards performance goals and development and support for staff to achieve goals.

  1. Regular conversations and feedback regarding progress towards performance and development goals including any challenges or obstacles. These may be formal or informal.
  2. Throughout the year staff are encouraged to collate achievements and request feedback from others on their performance and record in the PRD system.

Year End Review

October to January

In the period from October to January, managers and staff assess achievement of performance and development goals through year end review.

  1. Staff member reviews their performance and self reflects on achievements for the past year, entering ratings and comments in the PRD system.
  2. Staff member reviews their development goals and leadership behaviours, reflecting on progress for the past year, entering ratings and comments in the PRD system.
  3. Staff member and manager (or PRD Supervisor) meet face to face to discuss and evaluate performance, development and leadership behaviours.
  4. Manager enters ratings and comments in the PRD system and advises the staff member of their Overall Rating.

Online PRD system - SuccessFactors

At our University we use SuccessFactors to help staff and managers record and manage PRD discussions. While the key to successful performance review is regular quality conversations, a good system to support this is also important to record and track progress.

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