Performance Review and Development (PRD)

PRD is an ongoing conversation between you and your manager that outlines your personal and work goals that align to the strategic objectives of UON, clarifies your manager's expectations of you, and identifies opportunities for professional development.

The PRD process is a great opportunity to have honest and open discussion with your manager to showcase your achievements and highlight any challenges you face in reaching your goals.

All full-time and part-time staff in ongoing roles, or staff on fixed term contracts greater than six months are required to participate in PRD. Conversations about goals and performance for non-tenured staff is also encouraged.

SuccessFactors is here – your new online PRD

In 2018, SuccessFactors is the new system to help staff and managers record and manage PRD discussions. Developing the careers and performances of all staff is crucial to our success. PRD enables individuals to manage their own growth and development, supported by their manager or supervisor. While the key to successful performance review is regular quality conversations, a good system to support this is also important to record and track progress.

Why is PRD important?

When should I have my PRD?

The PRD is an ongoing conversation between staff and their manager/supervisor but there are key times throughout the year where planning and discussions should take place:

January to March: agree/set performance and development goals for the year.

April to October: ongoing conversations to record regular updates between staff and manager.

November to January: review performance from the year and begin planning for the year ahead.

I want to know more

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