Recognising staff achievements

Our staff make outstanding contributions across academic, professional and research arenas. We are proud to recognise, reward and celebrate the many achievements of our great people through a range of award programs.

Faculty and Division Awards

Faculties and Divisions conduct annual peer nominated awards recognising outstanding achievements and performance. Staff are then recognised through Faculty and Division award ceremonies towards the end of the year. For information on the 2018 Faculty and Division awards please contact your Faculty/Division awards coordinator (PDF, 207KB).

Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence

The  Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence recognise outstanding performance and achievements of University staff, with the overall winners and commendations awarded at the annual Vice-Chancellor's Awards ceremony held in December.

DVC(Academic) Merit List

The DVC(A) Merit List for Teaching and Learning Excellence was established in 2018. It is an annual list, comprising two announcements based on observations over the course of each semester.

The Merit List is determined by a number of factors including student outcomes in one or more courses, as well as consistent affirmations from students regarding the quality of the learning experience.

Service Recognition Awardscertificates

Service recognition awards are presented to staff who have served either 15 or 25 years at UON. Staff are presented with a certificate and a small gift at Faculty and Division awards ceremonies towards the end of the year.

Informal reward and recognition

Informal rewards and recognition are a spontaneous and sincere appreciation of individual or team performance above normal expectations. These may be monetary or non-monetary and should be personalised and meaningful to the individual. The Reward and Recognition guideline provides guidance to managers when considering and recommending reward and recognition for staff.