Leadership Framework

At the University of Newcastle we have a Leadership Framework in place to guide the behaviours and development of all staff. In order to achieve our vision to become a global leader in all of our spheres of achievement, it is important that everyone, right from the executive down to those without any management responsibilities, step up and show leadership qualities in their everyday work.

The University's Leadership Framework

The Framework is a guide to show the continuum of behaviours expected at the following four levels at the University:

  • executive leaders
  • senior leaders
  • middle leaders
  • individual contributors

The expectations at each level are grouped into six areas:

How to use the framework

  1. Read our Leadership Framework handbook for more information about what it is and why it's important.
  2. Speak to your manager to decide which leadership level best describes your role.
  3. Try to use these behaviours as part of your everyday work.
  4. When creating goals as part of the PRD process, try to include the leadership framework [see page 43 of the PRD handbook for some examples].
  5. When creating your development plan as part of the PRD process, identify which leadership behaviours need developing and look at ways you can develop your skills. Think about where you would like to go in your career. If you would like to progress to another level of management look at those behaviours and with your manager work out ways you can further your skills and experience in those areas. This Development Guide (PDF, 173KB) is a useful resource when linking development goals to the leadership framework.
  6. When reviewing your performance with your manager, think about how you performed based on each leadership behaviour for your level.

Managers can also use the framework as a common language and consistent tool for tasks like recruitment and selection, as well as promotion and succession planning. For more information about how to apply the framework see managing and recruiting staff.

General Resources

Leadership Framework Development Guide (PDF, 173KB)

Leadership Framework Implementation Options (PDF, 254KB)