The University of Newcastle, Australia


The Ma & Morley Scholarship Program application process is designed so that a diversity of students have a fair opportunity to access this life changing experience.

There are a total of 20 scholarships available for new students and 10 immersion experiences available for continuing students per year under the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program.

New students

These scholarships are offered to students who will begin their undergraduate degree in 2021. Half of the scholarships in each category will be allocated to students who have completed a UON enabling pathway like Newstep, Yapug and Open Foundation (or are set to complete in 2020).

Continuing students

The Lǐng Jūn scholarships are for students who have completed the first year (80 units) of their University Degree. Students currently in their first year planning to complete 80 units by the end of Semester 2 2020 are eligible to apply.