Your free pathway to Uni

Open Foundation is a free pathway program offered at the University of Newcastle for people who do not have the qualifications required for direct entry into an undergraduate degree program.

Regardless of your background or level of previous education, you’ll develop the skills you need, not only to gain entry, but to find success at university and beyond.

To be eligible for a place you must be:

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an Australian citizen or permanent resident currently living in Australia

Why go to uni?

Uni will open many exciting doors for you. A uni degree not only gives you a career but it teaches you how to tackle problems from different angles, to think outside the box. It allows you to turn your passions into a fulfilling career and prepares you for a future full of possibilities.

  • Better jobs and pay

    A uni degree is your ticket to not only a job but a lifelong career with greater employment prospects and higher salaries 1.

  • Follow your interests

    No matter what you’re into there is a uni degree to suit you. Further narrow your focus by choosing a major, meaning you specialise in a group of subjects as part of your degree.

  • Go global

    Uni opens doors all over the world. Not only will you be exposed to global experiences while studying, many degrees qualify you for jobs around the world.

  • Feel prepared for work

    Uni is not just taught in the classroom. You get real-world, practical experience from the very start. Feel prepared to enter the world when you graduate.

  • Enjoy the flexibility

    Uni allows you take control of your learning and design your timetable around your other commitments. Uni also has a fun side with lots of clubs, parties, concerts and events.

1 Smart Australians Report, October 2012, The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling.

Your guaranteed
pathway to a UON Degree

Upon successful completion of Open Foundation, you will be guaranteed early entry into selected degrees at the University of Newcastle.

You’ll also be able to use your final grades from the program for competitive admission to all other UON degrees (excluding Medicine). Your application is free of charge and made directly to the University. Offers will be made before the end of December in the year you study.

Open Foundation is also recognised as an entry qualification for many universities and training providers around Australia.

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