Support to succeed

We are a leader in providing more opportunities for people with the ability and determination to enter and succeed in higher education, regardless of their background. Since 1974 nearly 60,000 people have entered University through one of our pathway programs.

Passionate Teachers

We’ve been running Open Foundation for over 40 years, so it’s safe to say we know what we are doing.

Our academic team is here to mentor, support and inspire you throughout your studies and set you up for success in your university career.

Supporting your studies

Our aim is to provide the best possible support to ensure you succeed with your studies.

We’ve got you covered with a dedicated, passionate and professional support team on hand to assist with all aspects of your life to ensure you reach your potential.

Campus services and community

When studying Open Foundation, you’ll join a community of over 35,000 students and be able to access a broad range of services and facilities open to everyone.

Our campuses are a rich, bustling hive of activity and there is always something to support and entertain you through your studies.

Dollars and sense

There are no tuition fees for the Open Foundation program.
However there are some basic costs associated with studying at university.

  • Textbooks and class supplies

    As with most university courses, you will need to purchase textbooks and other supplies eg. art and design supplies for some of your subjects. Purchasing two sets of new textbooks can cost between $150 to $450.

  • Other associated costs

    To successfully complete your studies, you may also incur costs associated with:

    • at-home internet, computer use and printing costs (computers, printers and internet access are also available 24/7 on campus)
    • Childcare
    • Transport and parking costs
    • Costs of attending exams and face-to-face days (online students)
  • Centrelink

    If you study a full time load you may be eligible for Centrelink StudyAssist payments, see the What You'll Study page for details on what makes a full time study load.

Hear from others



"I started Open Foundation because I didn’t have the marks I needed to start uni - and I absolutely loved it. It gave me the readiness and passion to get going in my undergraduate course."

Joel, Part-time student



“I graduated High School with an ATAR of 42.25, however, this reflected illness during my HSC rather than my ability. In 2018 I decided to enrol in Open Foundation, graduating in 2019 with an equivalent ATAR of 90. I enrolled in a combined Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts degree with the intent of pursuing a career as a disability advocate. I have no doubt that if I did not do Open Foundation, these results would not be possible because it gave me the skills to study at university. It not only helped me academically, it also helped me find a direction in life.”

Daniel, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts. Completed Open Foundation, 2019



“Before Open Foundation I was working three jobs – two roles with people with disabilities and one role in retail – when I decided to make a change. I started Open Foundation as a nervous 22-year-old woman looking for a sense of direction. I am now a 26-year-old woman progressing through my social work degree, I am employed by the University, and I am actively involved in the University community. My life would be entirely different, and I would not be at university if it was not for Open Foundation.”

Georgia, Bachelor of Social Work (Honours). Completed Open Foundation, 2017



"The best thing about Open Foundation was the flexibility. As a single mum I also had to work, so it was fantastic for me. I would recommend Open Foundation Online to anybody, it was the best thing I ever did."

Shanali, Online student



“Whilst studying Open Foundation, the information and skills I developed have allowed me to exceed expectations I had initially set for myself, and furthered my learning ability in the university environment.”

Jim, Bachelor of Communication, Newcastle campus



“What surprised me the most about studying Open Foundation Online was the amount of help you get. The lecturers and everyone are really helpful.”

Kim, Online student