The University of Newcastle, Australia

AccessAbility support services

Personal services

Advocacy: Need help negotiating adjustments for lectures, tutorials and assessment tasks? Contact us.

Assessment support: Talk to your lecturer first and, if needed, we can help you negotiate flexible due dates and alternative assessment arrangements.

Auslan or signed English interpreters: Interpreters can be arranged in lectures and tutorials, as well as in some assessment contexts.

Exam support: Whether it’s for a formal examination or an in-class test, you may be eligible for extra time, ergonomic furniture, accessible format exam papers, or other support.

Lecture support: We can help you access lectures through:

  • FM and infrared audio systems
  • notes supplied by your lecturer
  • ergonomic furniture
  • lecture recordings
  • venue changes to more accessible rooms

Adaptive technology

Computer access: This includes providing larger computer screens, screen enlargement software or an accessible desk in a computer lab. We can also provide one-on-one training on how to use an adaptive software program or a trackball pointing device.

Technology to support your access to learning materials, including:

  • adaptive technology information and advice
  • screen-enlargement software
  • screen-reading software
  • text to speech software
  • TTY phones
  • training to use adaptive software
  • voice-activated software

Lecture venue information: Talk to your lecturer, your AccessAbility Student Support Advisor or contact the Adaptive Technology Centre about how the technology in your lecture or seminar venue might meet your needs.

Equipment and materials

Equipment loans: The Adaptive Technology Centre loans out digital audio recorders, hearing augmentation devices, trackballs and other devices. Loans are managed through the library system.

Ergonomic furniture: We have a range of ergonomic furniture and aids available for loan including:

  • back supports
  • book holders
  • ergonomic chairs
  • height-adjustable desks for sitting or standing
  • lecterns
  • mattresses for resting and stretching whilst studying
  • monitor arms
  • reading stands

Print materials in accessible formats: The Adaptive Technology Centre can convert material into accessible formats for students who have a documented print disability. This could include a hard copy course reader, a required textbook or a PDF document from an online database. A range of accessible formats can be provided depending on your level of print disability, the type of reading material being converted and your computer competency.

Library support: We may be able to assist you with physical access to our libraries and with obtaining materials.

Mobility and parking

Mobility van service on campus: Mobility assistance may be available if your disability makes it difficult to move around campus. Once you are registered with AccessAbility and have your timetable, contact us to arrange regular on-campus mobility assistance. Please note we need at least one week’s notice.

RMS Mobility Permits: RMS Mobility Permit holders are eligible for free parking in disabled, staff and general car parking spaces at our campuses. Please note that RTA Mobility Parking Scheme conditions apply.

University disability access permit: If you need closer parking because of a temporary medical condition you can apply for a University disability access permit. To apply visit Student Support – Disability, located in the Student Services Building, Room SC212. Your application must be supported by a current Doctor's certificate outlining the duration that close proximity parking is required.

If you require closer parking due to a temporary medical condition, you can apply for a University disability access permit through the AccessAbility team.