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Financial wellbeing

With so much time dedicated to attending classes and studying, it’s not uncommon for uni students to feel the pinch at the hip pocket.

If you are doing it tough financially – whether it be that you aren’t sure how you’ll afford your course or have the bills stacking up – there are a range of financial services to help keep you afloat.

Scholarships, loans and grants are all available, as is external financial support. The University’s career services can also help you to find a job.

If financial concerns are causing you stress or anxiety, contact a Student Support Advisor.

Tips for securing your financial wellbeing

COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund

These are challenging times. As we continue to feel the effects of COVID-19 worldwide, we are now seeing firsthand the impact on the lives of many in our own communities. We know that many of you are facing difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 and in response we have established the University of Newcastle COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund, focused on supporting a range of student emergency needs – from helping pay bills, to funding meals, to assisting with accommodation for those in great need.

There are two types of applications for Student Hardship Fund assistance. Eligible students may apply any time until 30 November 2020.

Student Hardship Fund Voucher

A Student Hardship Fund Voucher provides immediate emergency assistance to those most in need through the provision of $100 supermarket e-vouchers that can be used for food. Apply at the link below for an e-voucher.

COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund Voucher Application

Student Hardship Fund Financial Assistance

Student Hardship Fund financial assistance is also available. This can be in the form of a Student Hardship Grant or Student Loan. Apply for this assistance using the COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund Financial Assistance form below.

COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund Financial Assistance Form


This voucher is a $100 electronic voucher (e-voucher) for use in person in any Woolworths store.

The following Student Hardship Fund financial assistance is also available.

Student Hardship Grants

Student Hardship Grants are available for students experiencing extreme financial hardship. Hardship Grants are provided to help with accommodation costs, basic living costs (including medical), textbook and course material/equipment costs and transport costs.

Student Loans

Student loans are interest free loans available for a period of up to 12 months. They will be approved for students who can demonstrate the ability to repay the loan without being placed in further financial hardship.

Student Hardship Grants are available up to the value of $500. Student Loans are available up to the value of $2000. Students can apply for this assistance once a month.

You are eligible to apply for this voucher if you identify as suffering financial hardship having lost casual or part-time employment as a result of COVID-19, and:

  • Are currently enrolled at any Australian campus of the University
  • Are currently enrolled studying online within Australia

You are not eligible to apply for this voucher if you:

  • Are studying outside of Australia.

You are eligible to apply for financial assistance if you identify as suffering financial hardship due to having lost casual or part-time employment as a result of COVID-19, and:

  • Are currently enrolled
  • Are currently residing in Australia
  • Are able to demonstrate genuine financial hardship where continued study might be placed in jeopardy

If applying for a loan you must also be able to demonstrate that you are able to meet the required loan repayments.

  • If the eligibility criteria above is met, applications will be assessed on the basis of there being evidence that your financial situation has been impacted by loss of income and you have no alternative source of funds or savings.

Please refer to the individual application forms for details of supporting documentation required.

Please download and complete the relevant application form for the type of assistance you require. The completed form along with required supporting documentation should be submitted via email to

There are many students applying for support and we are assessing applications as quickly as possible. You should normally expect a response within a week. Please send your application from your student email address.

Student Hardship Fund emergency assistance vouchers can be applied for up to once per fortnight, or once per month if you are living on campus

Student Hardship Fund financial assistance (Student Loans or Student Hardship Grants) can be applied for up to once per month.

Applications will be assessed against eligibility criteria and based on the funds available in the scheme. This assessment process will ensure that we can support the maximum amount of students requiring assistance as possible.

Additional support for international students

Temporary crisis accommodation support

The NSW Government recently announced a $20 million package to support international students affected by the impacts of COVID-19. This package includes the provision of temporary crisis accommodation for eligible students facing significant hardship. The University can support eligible students with the relevant documentation required for their application. Contact for assistance.

The Service NSW website has more information about this initiative. For further support for International Students please visit International Student Welfare Services Hub.

Emergency Food Assistance

Study NSW has partnered with Foodbank NSW & ACT to provide free food hampers* to international students in NSW.

Visit Study NSW to find out more.

*Limited numbers available


You may be eligible for a student loan if you are can demonstrate genuine financial need – particularly if your ongoing studies are in jeopardy.

These short-term, interest-free loans are available to both domestic and international students who can demonstrate their ability to meet the required loan repayments.

For further information:


Domestic students may be eligible for one of two grants: the Student Hardship Grant, and the Student Placement Grant. You can find out more about this financial assistance by visiting Grants.

External support

  • If you need help to cover your living costs, check to see if you are eligible for assistance from Centrelink. If you are a domestic student studying full time, you may be eligible for:
    • Youth Allowance: for students aged 16-24 years.
    • Austudy: for students aged 25 years and over.
    • Abstudy: for students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.
  • The NSW Government is offering temporary crisis accommodation support for international students affected by COVID-19. Visit the Service NSW website for details.
  • For further external supports visit Other Help.


Scholarships are awarded to many different kinds of students for a range of purposes. They aren’t just considered based on your academic performance. Perhaps you contribute to the community through sport or music. Maybe you’re from a remote town, or have financial difficulties.

Visit our scholarships page to find out what’s available and whether you may be eligible.

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