Frequently Asked Questions


Will the China immersion go ahead in 2021? What will happen if it doesn’t?

We very much hope so but at the time of writing, predictions for the lifting of international travel restrictions would suggest that it is unlikely that students from Australia will be able to fly to China in 2021. To fit with the University academic calendar, and the availability of our hosts in China, scholars can only travel in April or July. With a six month planning process for the immersion trip, restrictions will need to be lifted by January 2021 to make this possible.
We will, however, look at every feasible option for both embedding the globally-focused objectives of the immersion into other 2021 activities within the program, and organising a China immersion in 2022 or 2023 if the situation changes. We are also looking at interim and hybrid options, such as virtual engagements with partners in China and elsewhere globally.

The website says that ‘The China immersion may be substituted for an alternative globally-focused activity.’ What does that mean?

The China immersion is an integral part of the Lĭng Jūn category of scholarship and will be included if we can possibly deliver it during the duration of your degree. If the China immersion is not possible before you graduate, we will look at all feasible alternatives.
In the first two years of the scholarship, all scholars were able to travel to China for an eye-opening immersion experience. From 2021 onwards, we are yet to confirm if a China immersion will form part of the program for Indigenous, Educational Disadvantage and Academic Excellence scholars or if this will be substituted with an alternative globally-focused activity to provide scholars with connections in and understandings of other cultures, in keeping with the ‘eye-opening’ experience Jack Ma had when he first travelled to Australia. This will be confirmed by November 2020 – though any China immersion will still be subject to travel restrictions and health advice.

Will other program activities go ahead in 2021?

The University will provide a transformative program of activities for scholars in 2021 in line with the program structure: helping scholars to connect, cultivate, create and contribute to the program. As far as possible, these will be the advertised experiences on the dates given. However, all activities will be delivered subject to travel restrictions and health advice in place at the time and so may need to be adapted, substituted or postponed. The most likely adaptation is that activities will be delivered online rather than in person. We will give scholars as much notice as possible but some changes may need to take place at short notice.

Will I still receive the financial benefit if other activities are cancelled?

The financial benefits of the Ma & Morley scholarship will remain unchanged even if health advice means program activities are cancelled. The full degree scholarship payments are linked to successful completion of academic units – see Terms and Conditions for more information.


Do I only need to submit one application if I am eligible for more than one scholarship category?

Yes. When completing your application for the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program you will be able to select multiple tick boxes for the categories you would like to apply for as part of the one application.

When I was applying for the scholarship, I accidentally uploaded the wrong document and I can't delete my upload, I was wondering what I should do?

Once you've uploaded a document to your application, you can view it, but you can't delete it until you have uploaded another document. So, it is suggested that you upload the correct document to replace the incorrect one, and then delete the initial file.

I am considering applying for this scholarship however I am concerned about the time required to participate in program activities. What is the minimum level of participation?

The Ma & Morley Scholarship Program was created to support students from all walks of life. However, unlike other opportunities, the Ma & Morley Scholarship is a scholarship program, which means we expect our scholars to have the capacity to demonstrate a commitment to our program’s values. To achieve this, scholars would be expected to attend all core activities in the key dates of the program.

Is it possible to defer the Ma & Morley Scholarship?

Unfortunately, we do not allow students to defer the Ma & Morley Scholarship. The reason for this is that one of the main benefits of the program is the friendships and life-long bonds that the scholars gain as a group. Although, we do encourage you to reapply for the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program once you decide to commence your University of Newcastle degree.

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