Reasonable Adjustment Plan

What is a Reasonable Adjustment Plan?

At the University of Newcastle, reasonable adjustments are provided to students through a formal document called a Reasonable Adjustment Plan. A Reasonable Adjustment Plan is developed in partnership between the registered student and a Student Support Advisor - AccessAbility.

A Reasonable Adjustment Plan is a means of notifying relevant staff of any reasonable adjustments recommended. Reasonable adjustments aim to reduce the impact of the student's condition/s on their studies so that they can participate with as little disadvantage as possible.

  • Reasonable Adjustment Plans are provided to students in electronic format which they can then forward on to their course coordinators and any other relevant academic staff.
  • A Reasonable Adjustment Plan is created in consultation with the student and based on current supporting medical documentation completed by the student's treating health practitioner.
  • Reasonable Adjustment Plans do not usually include the student's diagnosis, just the impact of their condition/s on their studies and any recommended adjustments.
  • For some students their Reasonable Adjustment Plan may be used as supporting documentation for extensions of time for assessment items and this is noted in the Reasonable Adjustment Plan.

Academic staff can also discuss adjustment requests with AccessAbility staff to ensure that the requests and needs are being met appropriately. Teaching staff can access additional resources to support them in making reasonable adjustments in their teaching. Adjustments must be commensurate with the effects of the disability or medical conditions and must be supported by documentation. Furthermore, adjustments should not compromise the academic integrity, or lower standards within the course or program.

If the adjustment is deemed ‘not reasonable’ under the Act the education provider is not obliged to fulfil the request, even if it means that the student cannot participate in the course or program.