How to register

To access support provided through AccessAbility, you must register. You can register online or in person at our AccessAbility office (SC212). It can take three to four weeks to arrange some supports so it is a good idea to register early.

We respect your privacy and personal information.

1. Obtain supporting documentation: To obtain a Reasonable Adjustment Plan students must provide appropriate documentation, which verifies the existence of the disability, or medical condition.

Please download the Medical Practitioner Report for completion by your medical practitioner as well as any other supporting documents.Please note documentation must:

  • Be clearly dated and completed using the Medical Practitioner Report, or provided on official letterhead;
  • Clearly indicate a diagnosis and the impact or expected impact on your studies;
  • Be written in legible English and signed by the relevant practitioner; and
  • Have been recently completed, that is within the last month for temporary disability, or in the last six months for fluctuating disabilities. A recent date is not essential for a permanent disability unless the situation changes.

Relevant practitioners vary depending on disability or medical condition but can include and are not limited to:

  • General Practitioner (GP);
  • Ophthalmologists;
  • Audiologist;
  • Psychologist;
  • Neurologist;
  • Neuropsychologist;
  • Clinical; or
  • Psychiatrist.

2. Complete the UON registration form: Download the relevant form below:

Forms: Download the relevant form below, fill it in, save it and return to AccessAbility either by email or in person.

  • Initial Students Registration Form:

AccessAbility registration form for new students

  • Continuing Students Registration Form:

AcessAbility registration form for returning students

Support needs: Prior to your initial appointment think about what support you may need or what support you have received previously that assisted you with your study.