Space Management

Space is a major asset of the University and is expensive to provide, maintain and operate.  This being said, the University understands that the availability of appropriate space is essential to support its teaching, research and community objectives.  Space management is therefore a key component of asset management strategy for the University.  If space is well utilised, it provides the best service to users in the most economical and practical way.

Space management policy and guidelines

University space planning issues are managed in close consultation with all relevant stakeholders.  The University's space management policy and guidelines provide a framework for managing space in a cost effective way while ensuring that Faculties and Divisions are treated equitably.

Space reviews

Space reviews provide data on space use.  This data is used for space planning & reporting purposes.

Information obtained can be used to work out:

  • Where additional rooms are required
  • Which rooms should be upgraded
  • If rooms can be closed
  • If rooms of different size or configuration are required.
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