Mental health

Sometimes the pressures of life and work can get too much and you need advice, direction or just someone to speak to. Positive mental health allows you to lead a more enriched life and perform better at work. We offer the following mental health support:

Employee assistance program

A professional and confidential counselling service is offered to UON staff for both personal and work related issues.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue offers a range of resources for positive mental health in the workplace for employees including how to take care of yourself staying or returning to work and working with a mental health condition. In addition, there are also resources for supervisors covering tips on supporting team members, how to have conversations, information on different mental health conditions as well as tips on how to look after yourself.

The workplace mental health awareness module will help you learn about how to identify depression and how to get help.

Eldercare information kit

Staff can access an eldercare information kit to help with the pressures of looking after elderly members of the family. This kit includes information about care services, health, money and dealing with grief and loss.

Mental Health Online Training for Mangers

Contact the Health & Safety Team at

Non-work related illnesses and injuries

Support for workers for non work related illness and injuries.

Support in the workplace

There are a number of ways the University can support good mental health.

UON Online Counselling Access

LifeSpan Newcastle

Suicide prevention education and training

Annual University Mental Health Day

The University Mental Health Day is an annual event.

Additional Resources

Managers Guide to Mental Wellness in the Workplace, a Bupa resource (PDF, 3.71MB)

Stress and your health at work, a Bupa resource (PDF, 117KB)

Exercise and mental health, a Bupa resource (PDF, 124KB)

Work life balance, Live well, work well, a Bupa resource (PDF, 118KB)

How to ask staff RUOK? A practical guide for the workplace (PDF, 626KB)

Coping with Change (PDF, 88KB)

Anxiety and Panic (PDF, 91KB)

Pets on Campus - A Guide (PDF, 127KB) - under review