Entry schemes

Whether you are about to start your HSC, are finishing Year 12 or looking to get back into study after a break, we have many pathways and entry schemes to help you get into the degree you want.

Nailed it in Year 11?

Consider your early entry options

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Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS)

In 2021, our Schools Recommendations Scheme offers early entry and guaranteed accommodation and scholarship opportunities for eligible students.

You can apply for early entry based on your Year 11 results and recommendations from your school through the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS). The SRS is available for all undergraduate degrees, excluding B Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine and B Midwifery.

To be considered under the SRS you need to submit an SRS application via UAC, along with your standard UAC admission application prior to September 20. To give yourself the best chance of an early offer, list the University of Newcastle as your first preference by midnight on November 08, 2020.

This scheme is only available to 2020 Senior Secondary (e.g. HSC) applicants.

More information, including selection criteria, application instructions, and key dates are available on the UAC SRS Page.

Your HSC

Your HSC is still a great way to get into uni so it’s important that you continue to work hard but don’t worry - there’s more than one way in.

Year 12 Subject Spotlight Early Offer Program

Your ATAR is important, but it isn’t all that matters. This program rewards students who have excelled in one or more HSC subjects related to your degree with an early offer. For your best chance of getting in, just make sure you list the University of Newcastle as your first preference in UAC, no additional application required. Find out more about the Year 12 Subject Spotlight Program.

This scheme is available to Recent School Leaver applicants.

ATAR and Selection Rank

Your Selection Rank is what the University uses to determine your eligibility for your chosen degree. The Selection Rank is your ATAR plus any adjustment points (previously called bonus points). You may be eligible for up to 12 adjustment points in the following categories:

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Educational Access Scheme

Through the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) you may get up to four additional adjustment points if you have experienced educational or other disadvantage. To apply for EAS, you must first submit your UAC application, and then complete an online EAS application.

To be considered in the main December admission round, you must submit your EAS application by November 20, 2020 to receive your eligibility letter prior to December Round 2 offers.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, two new disadvantage categories have been introduced for 2020. Applicants will be able to claim financial hardship if a parent or guardian has received Job Keeper or Job Seeker payments for at least three months (from March 2020).

For more information contact us at ASKUON or by phone on 1300 ASK UON.

Recent and non-recent school leaver applicants can be considered under this scheme.

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Year 12 Adjustment Scheme

Our Year 12 Adjustment Scheme rewards high achieving students. Depending on the degree you choose, you may be awarded up to four adjustment points for your HSC results in particular subjects. For example, if you achieve a Band 5 in Mathematics Advanced and you are applying for an E ngineering degree, you will be awarded two adjustment points as maths is an important component of this degree.

There is no separate application for this scheme.

Find out which HSC subjects and band levels are attracting adjustment points (PDF, 216 KB).

Recent school leaver applicants can be considered under this scheme.

Year 12 COVID Adjustment Points

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and in recognition of the extraordinary challenges the 2020 Year 12 HSC cohort has faced we will be providing each applicant with an additional 5 adjustment points (except for Joint Medical Program).

There is no separate application required. The points will be automatically added to your rank.

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Regional and Rural adjustment points scheme

HSC students who go to schools in selected postcodes are awarded five adjustment points. You don't need to apply for this one – apply for your preferred degrees through UAC and the points are automatically added to your rank.

See which postcodes attract adjustment points.

Recent school leaver applicants can be considered under this scheme.

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Elite Athlete Program

As a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) program we support elite athletes to get into university. Up to four   adjustment points may be added to your Selection Rank for verified elite athletes. Once you start at the University, we also provide a range of support services to help balance the demands of study with your sporting career.

To find out more or to apply see the NUsport website.

Recent school leaver applicants can be considered under this scheme.

Additional pathways

A group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program

If you are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicant, you can get help to gain entry into our degrees. All you need to do is indicate that you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent in your application. You will then be invited to attend an interview at one of our campuses.

Find out more by contacting the Wollotuka Institute on (02) 4921 6863

Recent school leaver applicants can be considered under this scheme.

Indigenous Early Entry Scheme (Law)

The University of Newcastle Law School (NLS) is offering Indigenous students the opportunity to gain early entry to our Law degree. Imagine having a guaranteed place in a Law program at University before beginning your final HSC exams.

Find out more about the Indigenous Early Entry Scheme (Law).

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Refugee Early Entry Scheme (Law)

Our new Refugee Early Entry Scheme gives students with refugee status an opportunity to gain early entry to our Law degree. Find out more about the Refugee Early Entry Scheme (Law).

Find out more about the Refugee Early Entry Scheme (Law)

TAFE Guaranteed Entry

TAFE Guaranteed Entry

Many of our successful students come to us after completing TAFE studies. You can gain guaranteed entry into many of our 2021 undergraduate programs if you have previously completed an accredited Certificate IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma at TAFE or another registered training organisation (RTO).

Find out more and learn which degrees are eligible for TAFE Guaranteed Entry

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Using your TAFE qualification for entry

We recognise your TAFE diploma qualifications as an equivalent estimated ATAR which you can use to gain entry into a range of our enabling pathways and undergraduate degrees.

Apply through UAC and list all your relevant qualifications, both schooling and any AQF qualifications (e.g. Cert III). Our admissions team will then assess your qualifications and use your highest rank to ensure you are eligible for competitive entry into the degree of your choice.

You may be eligible for credit if you have completed a Cert IV or above, and are going into a similar field of study.

Apply for credit now

Other pathways and study options

There are other pathways into uni. If you did not complete Year 12 or didn’t get the marks for your dream degree, we have enabling programs to get you started. Learn about our Open Foundation, Newstep and YAPUG programs.